Congressional Research Service (CRS): Studies Helpful to Historians


Mr. Bowden is an HNN intern.

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Tony Luke - 1/6/2006

I've just finished downloading all of the CRS titles on the list related to foreign affairs, intelligence, and military. There didn't seem to be any problem.

bill olbrich - 12/23/2005

Congressional Research Service (CRS): Studies Helpful to Historians
By Stephen Bowden is a very nice list. However did he come to possess the titles on his list? The CRS has been notorious for the last 50 years in its refusual to make its work public. Their claim is that they work for congress, and not the American people. They have, on occasion, threatened Members of Congress to prevent CRS publication from being given to research libaries. However, a group of former CRS staffers have no trouble obtaining CRS reports which they sell to libraries at high prices. Here's a challenge: how many of HNN readers can obtain one or more of the titles in Mr. Bowden's list? Any takers?

Bill Olbrich
St. Louis Public Library
St. Louis, MO