Jacques Pluss Now Says He Is a Nazi--And Proud of It


Mr. Vettese is an HNN intern.

In March 2005, Fairleigh Dickinson University fired Jacques Pluss, a popular and outwardly tolerant professor who holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in medieval history. It was reported that Pluss was a neo-Nazi. But to avoid controversy, FDU cited Pluss’s alleged numerous absences for his dismissal, not his beliefs.

HNN has closely followed this story since then and kept in contact with Pluss. Pluss has even posted on HNN forums, and wrote an article to defend himself against defamation, which was published by HNN in January 2006.

This article, titled, “Now It Can Be Told: Why I Pretended to Be a Neo-Nazi,” explained that he was posing as a Nazi to collect research for his book on fascist movements in the US. He later went on to confess that he was responsible for his own firing by writing a letter to the university newspaper disclosing his involvement in the National Socialist Movement (NSM). This contradicted his earlier assertion that a “watchdog group” unmasked him. He went on to claim that he allowed himself to be vilified to use himself “a human literary experiment.” This enabled him to experience personally what the people he was writing about experienced--what he called Geistesgeschichte (‘spirit of history’).

Six months later, in August 2006, he repudiated this version of events, but insisted that he “never claimed not to be a National Socialist.” He is currently an unrepentant National Socialist and has dedicated himself to this cause. He maintains a blog concerned with right extremist politics and Nazi ideology.

Since losing his job, Pluss has become increasingly strident in his pronoucements and has admitted on his blog to being disingenuous to reporters.

He has recently stated that he lied to interviewers from the Jewish Standard and Citizens Against Hate. He was mendacious because he wanted to use these reporters to give him publicity and a forum for denigrating his erstwhile organization, the NSM. This was justifiable because “spreading disinformation to gain knowledge or make a point was a value that Heinrich Himmler's SS held quite dear.”

Another opinion he shares with Himmler seems to be the support of genocide. Pluss has “clarified” several “racial questions,” that presumably have been asked by his neo-Nazi peers. In regard to African-Americans he maintains that:

Negroes are not humans. The True National Socialist view of the Negro is that each one of them should be liquidated, that is, killed immediately or after performing forced labor without shelter or food. The elderly, women and children should probably be wiped out first, since their labor potential is less than that of a healthy male. Special Action Squads should be formed, made up of Aryans, and charged with the rapid liquidation of the Negro blight amongst us.

Not surprisingly, Pluss does not hold a high opinion of Jews (who, according to him, are also sub-human), but rather exhorts fellow neo-Nazis to:

Liquidate them wherever you find them. If they hide, search them out and execute them. They are, by nature, dangerous sub-humans who have developed clever ways to cheat, lie and steal from others. Remember that no Jew has ever done an honest day's work in his or her life. Hence, they represent the ultimate parasite.

Aside from writing on his blog, Pluss claims to run the American branch of Stille Hilfe (Silent Help), an organization that provides assistance to Nazis from the Third Reich (not surprisingly, this is a clandestine organization, and Pluss refused to disclose any details of his work). Pluss has recently said that his “infiltration” of NSM was not simply for book research, but also done under orders from his Stille Hilfe superiors to “find out whether it was a real National Socialist group or not.”

And in his opinion, it wasn’t, and that is why he left the NSM in October 2005. He left on bad terms and Pluss is estranged from his former colleagues. Many of their forums dedicate themselves to deprecating Pluss, and cast doubt on his military experience and even allege that he is a Jew. In turn, Pluss contends that American Nazi groups are racially impure, ignorant of Nazi theory and history, and led by “mediocrities.” So far are these groups beyond the pale, that the NSM, he claims, is actually a front for a Satanist cult (Pluss referred to the scandal as “Satangate”). Pluss sees himself as one of the last true Nazis in America, and these extremist outfits are simply not up to snuff.

After his disastrous involvement with the NSM, Pluss has dedicated his time to Stille Hilfe Amerika. This new endevour marks a return to Pluss’s roots, as his childhood home was also a refuge for fleeing Nazis. Pluss says his childhood was suffused with Nazi influences. His grandmother, who raised him, was an ardent National Socialist, and provided shelter to many Nazis fleeing the law. Pluss reminisces that “My initial instruction in NS (Nazism) began at their hands.” It is in this environment that the young Pluss imbibed the National Socialist dogma and marked the beginning of his life long devotion to this cause.

Since the last HNN report on Pluss, he has changed his stance greatly. Far from denying his Nazi beliefs, he has embraced them wholeheartedly. His blog has revealed the true depths of his adherence to the genocidal ideology of National Socialism. This change over the last couple of years is best described by Pluss himself: “the constant pressure to hide my true self finally burst forth, and I've lost a lot because of it, but I regret nothing.”

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Dwight Moody - 4/19/2009

The ashes or lack of ashes in the sterilized Dachau memorial, where thousands of Germans were tortured and murdered somehow causes you and your wife to identify with Percy and Mary Shelley? Are you taking your medications regularly Jacques? Have you seen your psychiatrist recently? Is it possible that the many years of idleness have aggravated your symptoms?

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 4/1/2009

For an excellent overview of the city of Munich and its political role in Germany from the late nineteenth century through the Third Reich, see David Clay Large, "Where Ghosts Walked. Munich's Road to the Third Reich" (New York: Norton, 1997). And speaking of 'ghosts', I recently had the pleasure of re-visiting Munich and I took my wife through a tour of the KZ at Dachau. It was a grey, snowy March day, and when we stopped to review the ash-covered memorials behind the crematoria area, as the snow-flakes fell so quietly, we shared a cigarette and commented: "Ashes. So few ashes. Too few ashes." With that, we were both overcome by a longing for one-another only Percy Shelley and young Mary could possibly perceive. "Visiting History" and coming to "Re-live History" are, for certain, inextricably intertwined.
Dr. Jacques Reinhard Heydrich Pluss, Leader, The New American National Socialist Party, ANNP and Independent Scholar.

Dwight Moody - 2/22/2009

Your predatory activities with post-adolescent students are no doubt of great interest to the History News Network, but why do you have to keep marrying them?

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 1/31/2009

Those historians interested in the "philosophical end" of things might find work by two of my former students at The William Paterson University of New Jersey, Robert Talisse (now Vanderbilt University) and Robert Tempio (now Princeton University Press)on Sidney Hook quite revealing of what certain of my critics claim was my "career at a fourth-tier institution." Aside from the two scholars noted above, I sent many William Paterson graduates on to first-rate graduate programs, including one at the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute. In that regard, it is highly likely that, between 1984 and 2000, I successfully recommended more history majors to graduate programs than any other faculty member in the History Department. As an amusing aside, I must add, Robert Tempio's former female friend, then William Paterson philosophy major Sandra Ann Bluhm, served as my live-in lover for nearly two years, and went on, as I understand it, to graduate with a B.A. in Philosophy from Seton Hall University. I have had no contact with Ms. Bluhm since 2000. I was associated with her after my divorce from a former student of mine, History/Education major Annette Coiro Greene. Now, in 2009, I have been married for four years to yet another former student of mine, Jessica Etienne, whom I met during my disastrous adjunct tenure at Fairleigh Dickinson University. So much for Sidney Hook, successful graduates, female students, some good gossip, and "fourth-tier" insitutions.
Of course, keep an eye open for my forthcoming revisionist volume on the Battle of Berlin, 1945.
SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques Reinhard Heydrich Pluss, Leader, American Neo-Nazi Party and U.S. Administrator, Stille Hilfe Amerika.

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 9/7/2008

Historians of "Contemporary America" might be interested in reading Jim Marrs' "The Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies that Threaten to Take Over America" (New York: Harper-Collins, 2008).

On another front, historians of "Contemporary America" might be interested to note the founding of a new National Socialist Party in America, the American neo-Nazi Party (ANNP), led by Dr. Jacques Reinhard Heydrich Pluss and endorsed by both "Stille Hilfe" and, in an unusual appearance in writing, Frau Gudrun Himmler Burwitz. For more, please see http://american-neonaziparty.blogspot.com/ and http://himmlerburwitzapprovesannp.blogspot.com/ . Thank you. Dr. Jacques Reinhard Heydrich Pluss, Leader, ANNP and Administrator, "Silent Help America."

Dwight Moody - 6/7/2008

One thing I hadn’t noticed before in your diatribe is the markedly feminine way in which you present yourself. Why would you want anyone to be interested in your personal life? Many Nazis were of course decidedly effeminate. When I was a member of the Hitler Youth, avoiding the attentions of the Gruppenfüher was a major concern—one of the delights of a national-socialist youth. The SA was a fairy wonderland, and there were constant underground. jokes about the questionable masculinity of the leading Nazis, especially Hitler and Goering.

Your self-depiction seems to be a kind of young girl’s fantasy, influenced by romantic women’s literature: Shelley, Byron, Edgar Allan Poe? Most men take pride in their work and achievement, but the young protagonists of these poets are not only employed but unemployable, as you have made yourself. They are gentlemen (“gentle men”) who live on inherited wealth, the work of real men. There is the interest in the drama and there is the child bride (Mary Godwin Shelly; Virginia Clemm). I’ll bet your wife is some 30 years younger than you. No adult woman would tolerate this nonsense. Then there is the swastika bedecked study that contains the Gustave Doré book—noted for its fantastic and grotesque depictions—a kind of House of Usher—and the usual effete interest in antiques and esoteric art. In Europe horseback riding, apart from racing, is considered a genteel young ladies’ sport, and as I look at the roster of the American Riding instructors Association, I see that this is no different in the United States. It must have taken your psychotherapists ten minutes to figure you out!

I never heard of the Ulrichsberg Association and had to look it up. Where do you find these groups of weirds? Anyway, this is no place to debate the differences between the Totenkopf SS and the Waffen SS and whether this group is as harmless as the Austrian government seems to believe it is. From what I can gather you are certainly far crazier than they. Whatever their problems reconciling to the past are, they don’t advocate slavery and mass murder as you do. If they did, they would certainly not be allowed to meet in Austria. In recent meetings there have been speeches condemning atrocities committed by members of the Waffen SS, and there certainly were a host of those.

Dwight Moody - 6/6/2008

Incidentally, you say that you were raised in the Swiss speaking area of Switzerland. I've spent vacation time there over the years, and I'm familiar with the pleasant Swiss accent. I've heard you pronounce the few German words you know on the NSM audio and video tapes. You don't speak German; you've never spoken German. Any German speaker who heard you pronounce "Pflicht," for example would instantly recognize that.

Dwight Moody - 6/6/2008

Oh, I thought I had told you I made a hobby of researching American and Canadian Nazis. I agree fully with your assessment of those individuals I referred to. You are supporting my point that they have the good sense to despise one another by giving some of the reasons for this. You are not that different, only somewhat more obviously mentally ill. Like most of them, you have no gainful means of employment. You walked out of a tenured job at a fourth-tier New Jersey state college in the middle of a semester when you were about 45 years old and have not been regularly employed since (adjuncts are part-time workers, usually recent Ph. D.s who can't find jobs and bored housewives). Whatever material benefits you enjoy are the product of someone else's labor, probably that of your late father a Swiss physician. You were quite enthusiastic about Jeff Schoep and Michael Blevins when you joined the National Socialist Movement, a group consisting of a couple of dozen thugs and a handful of their overweight female companions, paying them a lifetime $600 membership fee rather than the usual $20. They taped your melodramatic diatribes. After they ditched you, when you apparently went off your medication, you tried to join other American Nazi groups such as Rocky J. Suhayda's American Nazi Party, offering them a monetary bribe also, but they nevertheless rejected you. You have had years of psychotherapeutic treatment and been on a host of medications, obviously with no success whatever.

This Stille Hilfe nonsense is the most absurd of the psychotic projections you've engaged in. Whether that organization still exists or not is a moot point. They are not and never were clandestine or illegal in Germany, and since at one time (in the 1970s) they had some backing they have been investigated to death and judged harmless. They would have no need to disguise their activities or to have secretive operatives (your "superiors") in South America using the names of dead Nazi war criminals.

Of course I would not use my real name corresponding with you. The only way that you resemble real Nazis is that, like them, you are lacking a moral sense. Unlike them, you boast of this. It's the classic definition of a psychopath. While I don't really believe you are dangerous. You're just a pathetic, sick little failed academic, I can't risk the safety of my family, some of whom live in NYC, on this evaluation.

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 6/6/2008

Dwight: I will give you one thing--you are quite skilled at baiting people into arguing with you so that you can persecute them with continued attacks. The Hitler Youth taught you well. But you are now old, and weak, and you can't quite keep your facts straight by doing proper research. First, I have no interest in joining any American "neo-Nazi" group. As my superior, known to us as "Walter Schellenberg" noted in a Vanguard News Network Forum Thread a short time ago, I enlisted in the National Socialist Movement, on Stille Hilfe's orders, to judge that group's ability to help Stille Hilfe Amerika carry out its mission to aid Third Reich veterans in the United States, particularly former members of the SS. One good example of a comrade in need is Mr. John Demjanjuk, even though he may have been coerced into working for the SS. I judged that the National Socialist Movement would be unable to help, due to its own inner strife and lack of coherent leadership. My superiors agreed. I judged that the NSM was not a National Socialist group, but rather a KKK-like "White Supremacy" organization. My superiors agreed. I judged that the NSM would not react sensibly to the confusion I deliberately created when I left the organization. My superiors agreed. Now, come on. Jeff Schoep is not a National Socialist. He is a convicted felon and a White Nationalist. Clifford Herrington was dismissed in disgrace from the United States Army. He resigned from the NSM in disgrace over sexual activities with under-age females and over his wife's (and his) activities in a Satanist cult. Michael Blevins (not Blevens) is an emotional wreck, to say the least. Bill White? Well, one could devote a whole web-site to his problems. Let's just say he's a megalomaniac and leave it at that. And David Duke? What's the sense in bothering with him at all. Frankly, I'd rather be reviled by types like the ones I've described than considered one of their comrades. You see, I am a real National Socialist, having been raised in a National Socialist setting in Switzerland (yes, the German-speaking part), and I have no real interest in "hooking up" with the American "neo-Nazi" set. But why should I bother to offer you any more details about myself? In point of fact, who do you think you are, my friend? As I've said, do some more research about me before you make ridiculous assertions concerning, for example, the reasons why I might have left Ridgewood, New Jersey for more pleasant surroundings. Be more careful about applying the word "crazy" to me. If I am "crazy," so, too, are those people who gather when the Ulrichsberg Association meets in Carinthia. Yet enough of this, and enough of you! You ARE like a four year old who must have the last word and I've been far too indulgent a parent in allowing you to "get under my skin," as I am sure I have gotten under yours. Now, finally, it IS curtains, as they say. Tomorrow, I am going to go to New York City to see a play with my beautiful young wife--who was a student of mine at one time. Later, I will "kick back" and work on my next book in my Swastika bedecked study--which also contains a first edition of Gustav Dore's Illustrated Dante. I will eat supper in my dining room, surrounded by my family's Louis Napoleon antiques, my paintings of the Aargau and the collection of Thai art I picked up when I was a young soldier in South East Asia. Perhaps, if the weather is good, I will ride my horse. I will enjoy living as a man should, that is, on inherited wealth accumulated over generations. Most importantly, however, is that, no matter what you or anybody else may write or think about me, I really don't care. I'm a National Socialist, and that's that. There will be a Fourth Reich, although I may not live to see it. Yet, I am younger than you, and I will live much longer than you--I will be promoting National Socialism long after you, a man who lacks the courage to sign his comments with his true name, are gone. Goodbye. "Meine Ehre heisst Treue!" SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques PLUSS.

Dwight Moody - 6/5/2008

Your court victory, as you describe it yourself, resulted in your leaving Ridgewood, where I understand you've been a local pariah for some time. Wait until your new neighbors discover the effect your presence will have on their real-estate values.

Following American and Canadian neo-Nazis has been an internet hobby of mine for some time. One thing I find commendable about them—Jeff Schoep, Michael Blevens, Bill White, Cliff Herrington, David Duke, and the others is that at least they have the good sense to despise one another. You, however, are unique. All of them shun you. You are the only American ersatz Nazi who could no longer get into any of their organizations. You are too crazy even to be a Nazi!

Dwight Moody - 6/5/2008

Yes, you are, as you put it "nuts." If you did vacation in Germany, as you maintain, you must have noticed that it has long been a complex, multi-cultural country, as far removed from the disgraceful 12 years of Nazi barbarism as America, on the verge of electing a black president, is from the Civil War. An historical debacle of this magnitude, which resulted in the loss of eight million German lives (a fact not often mentioned, for understandable reasons. In the last three years of that tragic period, no doubt deservedly, Germans became the final victims of the Nazi rule of terror. Perhaps you read enough German to decipher this engraving on the gates of the city hall of Munich:

Den Mitglieden der US–Strieitkräfte, die München am 30, April 1945 von der nationalsozialistichen Gewaltherrschaft befreiten.

Die Landhauptstadt München am 30, April 1992.

Almost all Germans today would resent your silly glorification, based on books and disordered fantasies, of this short, tragic period of our long history and culture. Personally, I find it offensive to be lectured to about what it means to be German by a crazed little Swiss American with a French name who was born long after the war and who interjects grammatically fractured German phrases into his psychotic ravings.

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 6/5/2008

Dwight, just note my parting comments on your comments regarding my court victory. As I sign off and conclude any further discourse with you, I'll suggest that it is time for your nap. You will dream, and you will dream of the glorious Third Reich which you wish, in the core of your very being, still exists. No, you will never escape your roots in the Volk.
auf Wiedersehen. SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques Reinhard Heydrich PLUSS

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 6/5/2008

Oh, Dwight. . . what can I say? Surely, you remind me of a four year old child who just MUST have the last word. Well, fine. Go ahead. Whatever you say bears little to no consequence at any rate and I doubt I will bother with you in the future. But, for your information, you would do well to read the chapter
entitled "The 'Odessa' Myth" in Guido Knopp's "The SS: A Warning from History" (2002) before you indulge your own fantasy that "Stille Hilfe Amerika" does not exist. As my superiors remind me, you are, most likely, a disgruntled old man still grappling with his own past. I myself believe that your constant attention to whatever I post indicates, among other things, a sort of psychotic "inversion" on your part, that is, if you ever met me (which I highly doubt will ever happen), you would actually try to seduce me. And you, your colleague Dresner, and a few others, think I'm "nuts?" Enjoy your retirement, my old friend. You truly do not know me or the organization for which I have been working for many years. You are simply a traitor to your own bygone National Socialist youth, which you will never be able to repeat, however much you may yearn for it.
"Meine Ehre heisst Treue!" SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques Reinhard Heydrich PLUSS.

Dwight Moody - 5/30/2008

To clarify the German position on internet Nazis and Holocaust deniers: The Bundestag has often debated this question, but since internet Nazis are largely mentally disturbed foreigners (mostly Americans like Jacques Pluss), it has been considered more efficacious to block these sites rather than to deal with individuals legally. In a 1999 ruling with potentially far-reaching consequences, involving the Australian Holocaust denier Frederick Töben, the Mannheim district court declared that German law has no jurisdiction over Töben's "on-line" writings or publications. It declined to consider the extensive evidence presented by the prosecution taken from the Adelaide Institute's Internet web site. Judge Kern said the court could take into account only the material Töben had mailed to or otherwise physically distributed in Germany. Material published on the Internet is not published in Germany. Instead, he went on, its distribution requires the Internet user, acting on his own initiative, to connect with the Adelaide Institute web site, and then to download material from it. Töben was, however, imprisoned for public Holocaust denial in Germany.

Dwight Moody - 5/28/2008

In the unlikely event that anyone is curious about what Stille Hilfe is, or was, since it is doubtful that it still exists, Stille Hilfe was an organization founded by unregenerate Nazis in West Germany in 1951 to aid ailing and destitute war criminals. Heinrich Himmler's daughter, Gudrun Burwitz, remained a leading member. In later years the organization became essentially a nursing home on the outskirts of Munich. There were in early years fears that Stille Hilfe had infiltrated agencies of the government, but the state security service has officially described them as "harmless" and there has never been an open debate in parliament about them.

Stille Hilfe Amerika does not exist except in the crazed fantasies of Jacques Pluss.

Dwight Moody - 5/28/2008

I'm sorry to hear that you are off your medication again Jacques. You haven't achieved by displaying a swastika in your Ridgewood, NJ window. It's perfectly legal to be a nut case in the United States. Your neighbors should understand that you're a pathetic but harmless little psychotic, although your presence probably doesn't help their real-estate values.

Also, you can vacation in Germany as often as you like because, as the German consulate in New York advises me, Germany doesn't ban Nazis who are not German or other EU citizens, so long as they do not publicly display Nazi symbols or make Nazi or racist statements. Try that in Germany and you'll discover that it's not New Jersey.

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 4/27/2008

My superiors at "Stille Hilfe" have notified me that "Stille Hilfe Amerika" has this day been awarded a donation of $20,000 to support the work of the organization. The donors, a number of South American publishers, wish to remain anonymous at this time. Some of the new funding may be applied to assist in the publication of historical studies centering upon revisionist scholarship concerning the Holocaust. For more information, see my http://plussbestsources.blogspot.com/ "Meine Ehre heisst Treue," SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques Reinhard Heydrich PLUSS.

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 4/23/2008

SS-Brigadefuhrer Walter Schellenberg wishes that I underscore for the audience that my "Complete Blogger Profile," which can be accessed through viewing any of my latest blogs, makes clear my position that the "Holocaust" is, by and large, an historical fiction created, for the most part, by post-War Allied propaganda. My views on the "Holocaust" constitute a clearly revisionist position. My views are widely known in historical circles on and beyond the Internet. Yet this did not stop me from vacationing in Germany this past December and January! "Meine Ehre heisst Treue!" SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques Reinhard Heydrich PLUSS.

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 4/23/2008

To clarify my comment on the court case, noted above, I remind the audience that I have had, throughout, the assistance of Stille Hilfe and my contact therein, known to us as SS-Brigadefuhrer Walter Schellenber. I am grateful to have the privilege of working with Stille Hilfe as the administrator of Stille Hilfe Amerika, "Silent Help America." "What Does not Destroy Me only Serves to Make Me Stronger!" SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques Reinhard Heydrich PLUSS.

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 4/23/2008

SS-Brigadefuhrer Walter Schellenberg permits me to note the following: In a recent court case In Ridgewood, New Jersey, I won, on First Amendment grounds, a case against individuals protesting my display of Third Reich flags on my property. For more detail, and for up-dated blogs, see my http://plusswinsincourt.blogspot.com and other blogs noted in my blogger profile. "Meine Ehre heisst Treue!" SS-Oberstrumbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques Reinhard Heydrich PLUSS.

Diana DavisOlsen - 1/13/2008

After posting, I did spend a lot of time on this site reading many different posts by you and others, and not just on this subject.

I did catch the qualifier "if" which is why I specified "potential insult." It was not an insult due to your qualifier, just the thought of someone going on very little data, so your theorizing might prove to be valid, depending on what new data was discovered.

I agree that many American students need help developing reading and writing skills, both for learning to see things contextually as well as to be critical. I see it in my own class.

I understand you are older and therefore wiser than I in the ways of the world. I am sorry you had to deal with the Nazis first hand. I can only imagine how terrible that must have been, not having to live through it.

I would like to say thank you for being much more conciliatory in this last post. I appreciate it.

Dwight Moody - 1/13/2008

Had you read the complete narrative of posts on this thread, you would have learned a good deal about me. You would have learned that I am a German citizen with first-hand experience of Nazis and that I was a university professor for 45 years, often in the United States. One thing I learned in the latter capacity is that American students often suffer from serious difficulty in reading the English language, especially in context. Had you carefully read the sentence from which you extrapolate "wonder if there is much point in continuing my education," you would have noticed that it began with the word "If," which is the most important qualifier in English.

Diana DavisOlsen - 1/11/2008

When I said I was stunned by all the firestorm, it was because I had just learned about his being a Nazi. I do not in any way advocate any ideas held by the Nazis, as that would be completely against my personal beliefs. I believe that everyone has a right to exist, regardless of race, color, or creed. Nor do I advocate his behavior if he is chasing after younger girls who barely know their own minds yet, as that to me is an abuse of power and trust as anyone in a mentor role of any kind, and I think a teacher fits in that category.

Thanks for the potential insult that you "wonder if there's much point in continuing my education." I'm so glad to realize that you, a complete stranger, have already judged me and found me wanting based on a few blog posts. You don't know me, or what credentials I hold, nor do I know anything about you other than you are a fellow poster.

Dwight Moody - 1/5/2008

First, I think it incredible that you are "stunned by all this firestorm." If you don't understand that a professor with a Ph. D. from the University of Chicago who is advocating the slaughter of all Jews and African Americans has crossed the line that divides civilized people from criminals and the insane, I wonder if there is much point to continuing your education.

Furthermore, the fact that "he never voiced any opinion that would lead [you] to think he nurtured these ideas" is why I asked you to consult other graduate professors. The history faculty at WPU knew very well that he was disguising ideas that undermined the democratic process in language that would keep him out of serious trouble, just as they knew he was seducing every susceptible undergraduate girl that fell under his sway. The last one was more than 30 years younger than he. Do you think this is ethical? Perhaps you didn't notice that either.

Diana DavisOlsen - 1/5/2008

Also I understood plenty of what I was taught in years past although as I get older I understand more and more as I learn new things. I have new insights from both academic and personal experience.

Diana DavisOlsen - 1/5/2008

Just thought of something else. What's the point of me mentioning this to my grad professors? Shouldn't I be focusing on making the most of my education by continuing to refine my critical/logical skills and seeking to formulate theories about events/trends based on evidence for my master's thesis, or possible conference papers? I just wanted to let him know I appreciated his encouragement in years past.

Diana DavisOlsen - 1/5/2008

I was taught to be critical of what I read by not only Pluss, but others as well. I also tend to rely heavily on primary documents when working on a research paper whenever they are available and to remember that the world view of a vanished culture is not the same as ours, and try to determine what it might be based on hard evidence. I had many excellent professors at William Paterson.

I have to admit, I am stunned by all this firestorm as he never voiced any opinion that would lead me to think he nurtured these ideas He would try to present different sides of an argument and I feel saddened by all this.

Dwight Moody - 1/5/2008

Doesn't this make you wonder how much you actually understood of what you were taught at WPU? Jacques Pluss is a hate-filled psychotic who advocates mass murder. He managed to disguise this well in classes populated by non-too-intellectual undergraduates, but the message came across, and his colleagues were well aware of his mental instability. If you have graduate professors now who knew Pluss, why not ask them about this? It may make you more critical of what you are learning.

Diana DavisOlsen - 1/4/2008


I used to go to WPC and had you for a number of classes. I just wanted to say that I thought you were a great teacher and I valued everything you taught me about medieval history. I just went back to pursue my master's. Thanks!

Diana DavisOlsen - 1/4/2008


I used to go to WPC and had you for a number of classes. I just wanted to say that I thought you were a great teacher and I valued everything you taught me about medieval history. I just went back to pursue my master's. Thanks!

Dwight Moody - 12/18/2007

This fellow seems to be constntly escaping fro his attendant!

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 11/13/2007

Readers will be interested to note three new blogs of mine (November, 2007), one of which announces that I have legally changed my middle name to 'Reinhard Heydrich', with the permission of the "Stille Hilfe" Organization. Check for these blogs under my 'blogger profile'.

Meine Ehre heisst Treue!

SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques Reinhard Heydrich PLUSS.

Michael Brooks - 7/27/2007

Methinks the calls were aided by the tin foil perched atop the head of Dr. Pluss...

Dwight Moody - 4/10/2007

Nobody who had any serious training in psychoanalysis would throw clinical terms around the way you have about me or others whom you had never met. It's interesting, however, that you use the term "borderline personality disorder" since it connotes among other things someone who is extremely self-destructive, which your behavior certainly has been. You probably picked up much of the jargon in what one of your colleagues informed me was your extensive experience with psychotherapy, which apparently failed to help.

Of course I would not reveal my real name or anything else specific about myself to someone who has "complete moral freedom." That is the classical definition of a psychopath, and I'm certainly too much of a coward to worry about being targeted by a self-professed psychopath. By the way, you really didn't have to say it; it's very clear on your web blogs.

My father fought in World War I. He held the Frontkämpfer erste Klasse order of the Iron Cross. He was a cousin of Manfred von Richthofen. Like most Germans of his class, he despised the Nazis. Of course it would have been suicidal to be open about this in the Nazi era, although many Germans in time came to feel that they were prisoners of an evil regime. Every boy my age was in the Hitler youth. It was voluntary only if you wanted your family investigated and persecuted. My membership in the Hitler Youth is no secret to anyone who knows me, no more secret than the membership of Pope Benedict XVI in the Hitler Youth. Perhaps you should "plaster [his] Hitler Youth Nazi background on any venue avalable to [you]" also.
German definitions of what loyalty to Germany means have changed in the past 60 years. Of course, nobody I know in Virginia is loyal to the Confederacy any longer either.You may be interested in the inscription on the front portal of the Munich Rathaus:

Den Mitglieden der US–Strieitkräfte, die München am 30, April 1945 von der nationalsozialistichen Gewaltherrschaft befreiten.

Die Landhauptstadt München am 30, April 1992.

I think that at this point you've exhausted the Nazi Spiel and will have to find some other way to get media attention. I seem to be the only person still interesrted in your antics, and I've had my fun, such as it is. I sent this thread to a colleague at the University of Marburg and his only response was "Glatter Unsinn—Quatsch." I suppose that's the final word.

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 4/10/2007

Dwight, I forgot one thing in my final set of comments to you, and I'm sure you'll find what I've got to say of interest -- Whether under Dwight Moody or your original name, which I will ascertain, I will be sure to plaster your Hitler Youth-Nazi background on any venue available to me.

For certain, this will be a fitting end to my posting on HNN, and I am very glad that HNN has given me so much publicity.

Get angry at me, very angry, and sit behind your keyboard and give me even more publicity.

You guys and gals are a kick, I tell you!

Good luck. You'll need it!

SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques PLUSS

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 4/10/2007

Dwight: Oh, a Hitler Youth, eh? And you were unable to live up to the standards of blood and soil in which you were instructed -- or, more than likely -- in your mind, you have wished to live up to them. That's what is causing your problems with me, and other problems in your life generally. Even without knowing you personally, it appears that you suffer from borderline personality disorder with mixed mood, and your true nature has been poorly modified by the installation of ideas leading to serious guilt issues. You also probably harbor feelings of hatred toward your father. Was he SS? If you want to read about yourself, just check out the categories I mentioned in the DSM-IV, the guide-book for psychiatric diagnoses.

I notice that you responded to virtually no questions I asked you about your professional life. You are even unable to mention your true (non-Anglicized) name. You bear a great deal of hatred of self. All in all, I cannot trust that anything you relate to me is true, since you are unable to disclose yourself. You simply don't know yourself. This inability to be completely honest masks another psychiatric problem. It also indicates that you are a coward, my friend.

Your "research" into my situation at William Paterson University is completely fallacious. Who knows which of my former colleagues emailed you. Because I was a very popular instructor, I was disliked by jealous "colleagues." Moreover, people (if I can call them that) got promoted there on the basis of who they followed, not what they did in scholarship. I could go more deeply into the ins-and-outs of that dump, but I taught there years ago, and the discussion isn't worth it. And you are not worth hearing it.

Your last post has at least indicated to me that you are suffused with psychic dilemma. I now understand more clearly why I bother you to the degree I do. With that in mind, I now cover your wasted self with the Third Reich Battle Flag, declare you the Nazi who couldn't get in touch with his true self, and leave you to hang in that awful space where traitors to the Reich grope about as did blind men in Dante's "Inferno."

Sleep and dream the bitter-sweet dreams of a coward who could not be what his youth told him he had to be.

Do you remember -- "Let the weakling anxiously quail, he must dare who will prevail! Life is what we ask, or death--Mahlzeit!"

Now that I've "gotten your number," as they say, I'll finally not respond to you any longer. I will let you bounce me around in the back of your mind, as you have despairing dreams about yourself -- the weakling who endlessly gropes about, as a blind man in Dante's "Inferno."
I've spent enough time on you, traitor!

auf Weidersehen!

SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques PLUSS.

Dwight Moody - 4/10/2007

Apparently you are right in that the American Psychoanaltic Association modified its standards in 1989. In Germany, a non M.D. can only have what is called affiliate or academic membership but cannot practice clinical psychanalysis under the Association's authority or receive third-party compensation.

I certainly agree with you about the pettiness of the academic profession, but there are few academics who would simply walk away from their classes in the middle of a semester, violating their contracts and the confidence and well being of their students. Such lack of morality is extremely rare, even in the academic world.

Although I don't see the purpose of bantering credentials with you, I have, like many people who frequent boards such as HNN, a Ph. D. from a major American university; I have published three books with reputable publishers, one of which was recently translated into Japanese, and about 30 refereed journal articles; and I have held tenure at a prestigious American university. One of your former colleagues pointed out that you had virtually no scholarly accomplishments beyond a couple of articles culled from your dissertation and that you would probably never have been promoted to full professor, even in a fourth-tier institution such as WPU.

Although you "Dr." it a great deal more than most of us, you do have one distinction that you don't seem to fully appreciate. You are perhaps the only Holocaust denier with credentials as an historian. Robert Faurisson has one of those French literature doctorates usually acquired in six months; Arthur Butz is an engineer; Ernst Zundel was a printer who never finished high school in Germany; David Irving was a first-year university dropout who has a talent for archival research and for popular writing. At the libel trial he instigated in 1996, Professor Robert Evans of Cambridge, who has made the most extensive study of Irving's writings, concluded simply that Irving "cannot be regarded as an historian. That leaves you, and although you are merely an internet presence, that is a distinction, however dubious.

I even agree with you that my interest in you is not very healthy. I was a Hitler Youth, like most mindless young boys in Nazi Germany, and, of course, I am ashamed of it. Why else would I try to atone with these silly exchanges that only the possessed would read. The whole thing is ridiculous. A Nazi couldn't be elected dog catcher in the United States, and in Germany it would either be a mental hospital or a prison. Nazism a dead issue. It's 2007!

Holocaust denial, isn't worthy of serious discusson either. The literature on the Holocaust, beginning with the more than 100 volumes of the various Nuremberg trials, is overwhelming, and I have personally heard the accounts of German survivors, both Jewish and non-Jewish, including my own Lutheran pastor. Suffice it to say, as the American Historical Association council unanimously affirmed in 1991, "No serious historian questions that the Holocaust took place." In 1994, the AHA declined to discuss this further, stating that "the Association will not provide a forum for views that are, at best, a form of academic fraud."

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 4/9/2007

After more permissions from my superiors:

Dwight, you're a real joke, and a joke who can't do proper research at that. No, you do not have to hold an M.D. to be Certified as a Psychoanalyst in America or abroad. Surely, you need psychoanalytic training, but a Ph.D. or an Ed.D. in an appropriate field (or a Masters degree in one, such as social work or substance abuse counseling)is more than enough in most states in the U.S. You cannot write prescriptions without an M.D. (and the passing of medical boards). But I'm just letting you know this so that you don't continue to assume you are the font of all wisdom.

Sure, there are jealous idiots who feared my complete moral freedom, and it's types like them who'd write emails about me to you (if you're being honest with me, and I doubt the honesty of a guilt-ridden "German.") Just in case you are being honest, I remind you that the academy can be a nasty place, and academicians can be pretty lousy people. Hence, the jealousy, the back-stabbing politics, the pettiness of the whole profession, which I do not miss.

By the way, I can understand from your response-comment that you suffer from serious psycho-sexual inhibitions which probably manifest themselves in a great deal of anger on your part. I would imagine that you suffer from periods of serious general depressive disorder. I feel sorry for you. Get some help -- it's easy to do.

I'd love to know where you teach, and what you teach. Are you tenured? What have you published, and where?
Do you possess any acceptable academic credentials at all? Do you have any position at all? You'll not have the courage to answer me, I'll bet. Why, you don't even possess the courage to post under your real name.
There's a real man for you!

As to your idea that I've advocated the Holocaust in one blog and then stated that it never happened in another place, I'll wrap this up by reminding you that the death of Jews is not a Holocaust (the term itself is a product of Jewish lies) -- it's a blessing, whenever or wherever it occurs. And don't go telling your audience that no trained historian would deny the Third Reich's attempt to exterminate Jews, or to speak of "Holocaust Revisionism"(as I have -- I'd like to "revise" the term "Holocaust" right out of human speech, since it's a non-word.) What of David Irving? What of Norm Finkelstein? I'll simply end this response to your "blodsinn" with David Irving's apt and humorous remark that "more people were gassed in the back of Ted Kennedy's car than at Auschwitz." And there are many "silent majority" types in the U.S. and abroad who'd readily agree to a "Judenrein" environment, yet they don't possess the courage to say so, openly. It's the potential of that "silent majority" which makes a man like you so afraid of a man like me.

Now, go off and assert that "few professionals . . . work for financial compensation." I live in a very posh area, and most of my neighbors are "professionals" who are certainly working first and foremost for compensation. If you think that academics don't work primarily for compensation, get a post at a unionized school (and I don't mean the AAUP). Money grubbing, man, you have no clue!

If there is anybody who is psychotic here, my "colleague," it is you, since the primary definition of psychosis is "to be unable to differentiate objective reality from fantasy." That's you, down to the last jot and tittle: lost in a fantasy that anybody will care whether or not you label me "psychotic," question my credentials or my views, or think you can argue so well that you can "put the lie" to any of the logic my complete moral freedom permits me to make. That "silent majority" I noted above will label you an effete intellectual. They will follow a common sense individual like me, a person who is able to tap into their unspoken wishes.

Oh, one last pointer: brush up on your Nietzsche, okay?

"Meine Ehre heisst Treue!"

SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques PLUSS.

Dwight Moody - 4/9/2007

I got the "nonsense information" about your compulsion to chase insecure young girls less than half your age in E-mails from two of your former History Department colleagues.

It's amusing that one of your spurious claims about your past is that you were a psychoanalyst, although the psychoanaltic socities in the United States and in Europe require an M.D. for membership. "Complete moral freedom" is the classical definition of a psychopath.

Few professionals, especially academics, work primarily for financial compensation. Most feel they have something to contribute to the world around them, but of course "complete moral freedom" is incompatible with professional life.

Yes, most Germans, not having "complete moral freedom," have some sense of national guilt. It's repugnant to us that the barbarians who committed such actrocities were actually Germans. Don't anticipate a Fourth Reich. Eight million dead for the Third Reich was quite enough.

For a trained historian to deny the Holocaust has to be symptomatic of mental illness. It's considered a crime in most of Western Europe because the assumption is that people who do this sort of thing know better and actually have another agenda which is subversive and threatening to national security. In the United States it's simply silly. There's an even greater absurdity in your actually advocating a Holocaust on one of your web blogs since you pretend to believe it never happened before. Is it entirely a new idea on your part?

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 4/5/2007

Mr. Moody: After noticing your comments on "From a Former Student," I have taken pains to receive special permission from my superiors to offer a brief reply to your comments. Let's remember, first, that complete moral freedom is a wonderful thing. Apparently, you don't possess it, since your comments above indicate a certain hidden inhibition about asserting one's moral liberty. Let's get real, as they used to say. Where did you get that nonsense information about compulsions to chase female students from? A jealous nonsense source, I'm sure. Been doing a little poor research about me all along, eh?

You've simply not grasped the notion that one of the "perks" of being an academic is the inherent right of a professor to express interest in students of the opposite sex -- or, as it was in my case, receive their advances. Why, when I was a graduate student (and then a postdoctoral instructor) at the University of Chicago, most professors had cute little "research assistants." Sure, I had a female student or two in my time -- but I was never "compelled" to chase them. As you can guess, they came to me. I can't blame them. After all, in spite of a few very bad pictures of me taken at two National Socialist Movement rallies, I am quite attractive. I am also rather trim (I ought to be -- I train horses), have thick black and silver hair, and always taught in informal dress (jeans, suede sports coat, tight tee-shirt, and $600 loafers purchased at the Bally store in Lausanne.) Why shouldn't female students be attracted to me? And why shouldn't I exercize my moral right to have them if I desired?

As far as leaving a tenured position in the middle of an academic year, well, why not? The William Paterson University of New Jersey is a junk school made up of minorities on both student and profesorial levels. I worked there only because the job market was (and still is, I guess) so limited in the early 1980's when I was searching for a position. When I took that job, I told myself what I always tell myself: when it's no longer fun, leave. The only thing which shall always hold my loyalty is National Socialism, because it exemplifies absolute truth.

I'm more fortunate than most. You see, I possess enough material comfort that I will never have to "work" for financial compensation.
That has been noted on blogs and websites before. Consequently, I have the good fortune to leave any post whenever I wish.

Think about what I've said as your moral inhibitions grind you into dust. You've already shown a great deal of needless, even shameful, guilt over your German heritage, and you must represent the worst the Federal Republic can offer. Rather than wallowing in shame, find your true Teutonic roots and work to bring about a Fourth Reich free of nonsense about Holocausts which never occurred.

With pleasure, SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques PLUSS, U.S. Administrator, Stille Hilfe Amerika.

Dwight Moody - 3/22/2007

And, oh yes, the SS had many members who were dark, fat and late middle-aged little Swiss guys who couldn't speak German and had names like Jacques Pluss.

Dwight Moody - 3/22/2007

A call overseas! That's a real howler. I hope the people you spoke to aren't using Deutsche Telekom!

I am laughing, but I really feel guilty for finding this funny.

Dwight Moody - 3/22/2007

Jacques: Like most of the Most of the people posting on HNN, my background is very much like yours, but you are living proof that education doesn't insulate against mental illness. I suppose you've already had a great deal of therapy, but, although it hasn't succeeded, you should really try again.

Dwight Moody - 3/22/2007

Yes, SS titles are legal in the United States, because they would only be used by mentally disturbed persons, but if they are used in Germany or by a German national residing abroad, they will certaily attract the attention of the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz in Kõln, although at this point I think even they would consider this sort of thing merely symptomatic.

I'm quite certain that if there is anyone left in Germany associated with Stille Hilfe, the last thing they would want is publicity. I can't imagine inyone in the USA ever caring.

I also can't help wondering if this latest craziness of yours is only another ruse to gain attention so that you can once again emerge under a new avatar and denounce the fools who actually thought you were serious in this latest absurdity. Either way, one hardly needs professional credentials to understand that you are a very sick, self-destructive person. You have burned your bridges behind you and can exist in the future only as virtual amusement on the internet.

You do get under my skin somewhat. I am somewhat appalled that students of history in the USA could take you at all seriously and that your antics evoke a perverse reflection on the darkest hour in the history of my country. One can become fascinated with you. It's like watching a freak show, and one feels somewhat ashamed at being amused by another person's's disintegration.

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 3/22/2007

Readers: A quick phone call overseas has resulted in my superiors' orders that I no longer post any further comments here. Consequently, you can bash away at me as if you are throwing punches in the air. I will be happy to read any comments and get a good laugh. It does seem to me that most of the individuals posting comments on this site haven't laughed in years.
SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques PLUSS.

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 3/22/2007

Mr. Moody: Now you are reduced to "ad hominem" attacks? Very nice. You must be good and annoyed.
By the way, do some real research and check the looks of many Third Reich members, including members of the SS. Many of them looked like me -- and they nearly conquered the Western world!
For your information, my background is Swiss, and many of us are short and dark, as are many southern Germans.
On another score, all of your arguments against me remind me of the frustrations of a person with small accomplishments. What? Are you the type are fellow who has been an "ABD" for ages? And are you now sitting in front of a computer eating a doughnut?
Keep getting angry. I love it.
As for Ms. Solnik: it is typical of neo-Nazi groups who lose members to accuse those members of being 1) Jewish, 2) a race traitor and a coward 3) a liar and 4) mentally unbalanced. Do some research into it before you start sputtering comments about me or the group I once was a member of.
SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques Pluss.

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 3/22/2007

Mr. Brooks: You are completely naive. I have enjoyed making a complete fool of you. And just to reinforce the issue, yes, I'm a National Socialist. And yes, you fell for my line in your haste to get out a good story.
I was under the impression that you weren't going to "bother with me." So much for that. I got to you, didn't I?
SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques Pluss.

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 3/22/2007

Mr Moody: So, now you've jumped on the wagon of Pluss-bashers on this site. Well, enjoy yourself. Oh, and by the way, SS titles can certainly be used in the United States.
Thank you for your publicity. The more we get, the better for us (and you are incorrect about former SS members residing in the U.S.).
I suppose I've gotten under your skin. Good!
SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques Pluss.

Dwight Moody - 3/20/2007

As a German national living in the United States, I can assure you that Pluss’s Stille Hilfe “appointment” is entirely fallacious and ridiculous. I do not know whether Stille Hilfe still exists, but it has been since the end of World War II a shadowy organization devoted to Holocaust revisionism and providing aid to Nazi war criminals before and after their incarceration. In the recent past, its chief mover was Gudrun Burwitz, the elderly daughter of Heinrich Himmler, who ran (and perhaps still runs) an old-age home on the edge of Munich. The organization has been under the constant surveillance of the German government and is painfully careful to stay within the law. Needless to say, it does not use SS titles such as Oberstumbannfuhrer since the SS is legally defined as a criminal organization in Germany. Furthermore, if it were remotely suspected that Stille Hilfe in Germany or anyone associated with them in other countries even corresponded with someone like Jacques Pluss the organization would be immediately shut down and persons involved would be imprisoned. It is totally absurd to think that anyone in Germany or even a German national outside of Germany, would “appoint” a borderline personality like Pluss to any position in an organization barely tolerated in the Federal Republic. It must be emphasized that anti-Semitism is a serious offense in Germany. The Landesgericht in Mannheim recently sentenced Ernst Zundel, a German national in his 50s who had been living in Canada since the age of 19, to five years imprisonment for racism and Holocaust denial—in Canada and the United State, not in Germany. For someone like me to have any association with Pluss would be the social and legal equivalent of possession of child pornography in the United States.

Stille Hilfe Amerika is equally an absurdity. Any veteran of the SS or Gestapo would necessarily be over 80 years of age and would have entered the United States illegally since INS regulations have never permitted the entry of such persons into the country, even on tourist visas. I can just imagine these people exposing themselves to a psychiatric basket case such as Pluss with his clownish SA costume and his horrible pidgin German. Pluss also does not seem to realize that even being a descendant of Nazis is a source of deep shame in Germany. Nobody I know in Germany or the United States has ever admitted to me that his parents or grandparents were SS or Gestapo.

Dwight Moody - 3/20/2007

Have you noticed how many of these Aryans are dark-haired, sallow-faced, pudgy little men?

Dwight Moody - 3/20/2007

Do you have any memories of his compulsive attempts (sometimes successful) to seduce female students less than half his age? Or do you recall that he walked out of his tenured position at WPU in the middle of the semester, leaving his classes in a complete mess?

Jonathan Dresner - 3/19/2007

I will refrain from commenting on your comments, since you aren't worth my time.

Well, that's an easy one: blatant self-contradiction.

If I were to endanger my mentors and/or superiors through commenting on a site or setting up a Blog, don't you think they would have told me not to do it? The reasons why they ordered me to "go public" with Stille Hilfe Amerika are theirs alone. I am not permitted to say more.

Let's see: that's argument from authority (doubly fallacious because there's no evidence of the quality of the authority involved), and I'm pretty sure that the argument about publicity is begging the question, because it assumes that I'm wrong about new information being a hazard to secret Nazis rather than actually proving it, or that Mr. Pluss is not overstepping his "authority" with his revelations.

For the record, I am enjoying this. I don't usually target specific people for refutation, but I'm making an exception here because of the patent absurdity of the claims and weakness of the logic of the supposedly superior intellect. I am not making any claims about Mr. Pluss, or attacking him personally: I'm merely being consistent in pointing out simple logical errors in his postings here.

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 3/19/2007

Oh, come on, Mr. Dresner! If I were to endanger my mentors and/or superiors through commenting on a site or setting up a Blog, don't you think they would have told me not to do it? The reasons why they ordered me to "go public" with Stille Hilfe Amerika are theirs alone. I am not permitted to say more. If you and other readers believe I'm side-stepping a critical issue here, there's not much I can do about it. From your prior comments about me on various HNN sites, I can see that you are the type of person who relishes being a "thorn in the side" of someone else. If that's how you "get your kicks," then go right ahead -- and give yourself some feeling of importance. Having said that, I will refrain from commenting on your comments, since you aren't worth my time.
SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques PLUSS

Jonathan Dresner - 3/19/2007

I can see how that would indeed be very difficulty to reconcile.

I have made light of Dr. Pluss elsewhere -- his recent public statements are rife with logical fallacies, not to mention racial and historical absurdities -- but it seems that he left behind some real accomplishments when he started down this new path. And it makes me wonder -- much more than anything else I've read -- about the nature of that path, whether it is one of contintuity or a break with reality.

Jonathan Dresner - 3/19/2007

labeling individuals who did not fit the "accepted mode" of political thinking as "psychotic" (and then locking them up) was a tactic typical of the Soviet system. Hence, my detractors are Communists

This is one of the most basic fallacies in the book, an inductive non sequitur. Also a form of ad hominem.

Dr. Pluss also might want to consider that he is endangering his alleged mentors and heroes by continuing to attempt to prove their existence. Which suggests to me that he's either lacking in good judgement or honestly prefers self-aggrandizement over the achievment of his stated goals.

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 3/18/2007

Of course, many of my detractors will attempt to demonstrate (with no evidence other than the practice of my National Socialist obligations) that I am mentally unbalanced. Permit me to remind my audience that manipulation, particularly through the shifting of positions until a particular aim is reached, is a skill in which I was carefully instructed by the mentors of my youth (and later). These heroic individuals were members of the Third Reich (mostly SS and Order Police) with whom I came into contact in Switzerland as they wound their way to safety elsewhere, often in South America -- where I again came into contact with them later. So, call me a "master manipulator" if you wish. But psychotic? No, I don't think so. In fact, I find it interesting to remind the audience that labeling individuals who did not fit the "accepted mode" of political thinking as "psychotic" (and then locking them up) was a tactic typical of the Soviet system. Hence, my detractors are Communists -- unless one wanders through the hallowed halls of academe. During the better part of my tenure at The William Paterson University of New Jersey, the chairwoman of my (History) department had a large red Soviet flag hanging on the wall behind her desk. That was acceptable. If you had one, it would even get you tenure and promotion more quickly. Oh, heaven help us!
SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques PLUSS, Administrator, Stille Hilfe Amerika.

Rob Willis - 3/16/2007

He sounds like half of the delegates to the U.N., if you ask me...

Kevin Levin - 3/13/2007

I find this entire story to be incredibly disturbing as I was a student of Prof. Pluss at William Paterson College in 1991-92. In fact he gave me my first teaching experience in one of his world history survey courses. I have to admit that there was never any indication that he held any of these beliefs during the time that I worked with him in the classroom. During my senior year at Paterson I tutored students in history and made it a point to sit in Pluss's classes as a way to prep for my tutoring sessions.

What I loved about his class was that he discarded the standard textbook approach. Instead Pluss assigned a variety of primary texts and helped students with interpretation by presenting well-organized and entertaining lectures. He engaged his students and seemed very interested in their ideas.

My memories of his class make it that much more difficult to come to terms with this news.

Nonpartisan - 3/12/2007

Dr. Pluss, do you honestly consider this to be a positive profile of you? I don't think a lot of readers are going to look at this and feel sympathetic toward you.

Irene Solnik - 3/12/2007

My how awful, on top of everything else he is accused of being a Jew (sarcasm on)

Charles Lee Geshekter - 3/12/2007

I would not resort to any therapeutic determinism with this thug. His virulent racism and unctuous anti-Semitism are perhaps better explained as his crude, political attempts to make sense of a world that must seem beyond his comprehension.

Michael Brooks - 3/12/2007

I was among those duped by Pluss, and I interviewed him last year when he claimed to be an innocent victim of NSM harassment.

Pluss is either a lunatic or an accomplished liar; more thoughts on my blog.

Lisa Kazmier - 3/12/2007

I admit it! I was thinking the same thing. Midlife crisis? Not enough attention from Mommy? Yikes.

Ernest Jones - 3/12/2007

Somebody get this man a referral to a good psychiatric program!

Jacques Anthony Pluss - 3/12/2007

Readers: I am quite pleased with the piece written by Troy Vettese. It is honest, accurate, concise and well-written. Now, I am sure, will come the usual barrage of anti-Pluss comments, some from historians but more, I predict, from American ersatz-neo-Nazi's for whom any defection from their ranks -- even by a devoted National Socialist such as myself -- is a cardinal sin meriting a strong smear campaign against just about any positive accomplishment in any walk of life, practically from birth to the present day. One must endure for the cause what one must endure. I just remind those who will attack me that "what does not destroy me only serves to make me stronger!"
To Mr. Vettese, again, congratulations on a very good job.
Thank you.
SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Jacques Pluss, Administrator, "Stille Hilfe Amerika."