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  • News

  • Protests Over Gay Rights Greet Historians' Meeting (1-11-10)
  • AHA Members Back Move to Embarrass but Not Boycott Anti-Gay Hotel Owner at Next Convention (1-4-09)
  • Newsweek: Opponents of gay marriage often cite Scripture. But what the Bible teaches about love argues for the other side (12-6-08)
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  • Gay Marriage Through a Black-White Prism (10-29-06)

  • Commentary

  • Committee on LGBT History: We Are Proud Historians Helped Make DOMA/Prop. 8 Decisions Possible (6-26-13)
  • Historians Played Important Role in DOMA Decision (6-26-13)
  • Melissa Harris-Perry: What Difference Will Same-Sex Marriage Make? (3-27-13)
  • Gay marriage, DOMA and the dramatic shift in public opinion in one year (3-18-13)
  • AHA addresses historical issues in Supreme Court DOMA case
  • David Lee McMullen: The Manhattan Declaration and"Traditional" Marriage (2-21-10)
  • Linda Kerber: The Historians' Amicus Brief in the Iowa Gay Marriage Case (4-4-09)
  • Stephanie Coontz: The Real Marriage Revolution (4-1-09)
  • Timothy Stewart-Winter: Putting Obama's gay marriage questionnaire in context (1-14-09)
  • Thomas A. Foster: Why Putting Civil Rights Up to a Vote Is a Bad Idea (11-13-08)
  • Timothy Stewart-Winter: Gay Marriage and the Black Vote (8-14-08)
  • Ruth Rosen: We're Already Married (5-16-08)
  • Allan Tulchin: The 600 Year Tradition Behind Same-Sex Unions (8-31-07)
  • Stephanie Coontz: Activist Judges or Re-Activist Judges? (6-12-06)
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  • Robert Frakes Why the Romans Are Important in the Debate About Gay Marriage (2-19-06)
  • Stephanie Coontz: It Was Straights Who Undermined Marriage, Not Gays (2-19-06)
  • Estelle B. Freedman: Historical Alternatives to Mainstream Marriage (8-04)
  • Joanna Grossman: The States Have Different Laws Regulating Divorce ... So Why Not Gay Marriage, Too? (7-14-04)
  • Hendrik Hartog: What Gay Marriage Teaches About the History of Marriage (8-8-05)
  • Peggy Pascoe: Why the Ugly Rhetoric Against Gay Marriage Is Familiar to this Historian of Miscegenation (4-19-04)
  • Randy Scholfield: Gay Marriage? What Next ... Women Voting? (5-12-04)
  • Mark A. Peterson: The Puritans and Gay Marriage (4-04)
  • Mark Gallagher: The Hysteria About Gay Marriage: A Minister's Perspective (4-21-04)
  • Nicholas Kristof: Gay Marriage a Bad Idea? So Was Interracial Marriage a Few Decades Ago (3-4-04)
  • Jonathan Dresner: Doubletalk on Gay Marriage (3-3-04)
  • Joseph Ellis: What Would Jefferson Say About the Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage? (2-29-04)
  • P.M. Carpenter: Why the Amendment Banning Gay Marriages Is Bad Politics for Bush (3-1-04)
  • Andrew Sullivan: Other States Wouldn't Have to Recognize a Gay Marriage License Issued by Massachusetts (2-27-04)
  • Kathleen Dalton: Why Gays Should Be Allowed to Say "I Do" (2-28-04)
  • Margot Adler: Did Gay People Get Married in the Past? (2-23-04)
  • Anne E. Kornblut and Lyle Denniston: Will Bush's Support for a Constitutional Ban on Gay Marriage Make Much of a Difference? (2-26-04)
  • Editorial: Amend the Constitution to Prohibit Gay Marriage? (2-26-04)
  • Andrea Georgsson: Twenty Years from Now, Gay Rights Will Be Taken for Granted (2-22-04)
  • Jonathan Dresner Cambodian King Endorses Gay Marriage in Handwritten French Blog (2-21-04)
  • Steven Horwitz: Gay Marriage, the Ten Commandments, and the Rule of Law (2-16-04)
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  • Ralph Luker Changing the Constitution to Protect Adam and Eve? (8-11-03)