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Stonewall riots, 1969. Credit: Wiki Commons.

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  • Gay Historians

  • Allan Berube: Gay historian and gay history scholar, dies at age 61 (12-11-07)
  • John Boswell: A gay classicist and college president who assisted Boswell in his research on gay history gets married (9-19-07)

  • Commentary: Historians

  • Historians suggest ways California can integrate gay history into the school curriculum (9-30-14)
  • Lisa Szefel: Why Soap Operas Should Be Taken Seriously By Gays and Straights (6-27-09)
  • Lisa Szefel: Bigotry Still Rules (1-3-07)
  • Doug Ireland: A Truly Queer History (6-26-09)
  • Doug Ireland: Turns out Norman Thomas's Socialist Party Came Close to Breaking the Gay Taboo in 1952 (7-24-08)
  • Vicki L. Eaklor: Is Queer History, History with an Agenda? Sure. (6-28-08)
  • Michael S. Sherry: In the 1950s and 60s, were gay artists emblems of national pride or signs of a homosexual mafia? (9-7-07)
  • Thomas A. Foster: Even the Founding Fathers Had to Worry About Gay-Baiting (7-09-07)
  • David K. Johnson: “Purge of the Perverts” Redux ... Scapegoating Gays (10-24-06)
  • Marc Stein: Forgetting and Remembering a Deported Alien (8-8-05)
  • Hugo Schwyzer: A Note on History and the Gay Rights Movement (6-7-05)
  • Hugo Schwyzer: Gay Rights Movement: Going Forward or Backward? (6-12-05)
  • Vern Bullough: When Did the Gay Rights Movement Begin? (4-17-05)
  • Hugo Schwyzer: Perspective after Disappointment (11-5-04)
  • David J. Garrow: Gay Oppression ... It's Got a Brief History (8-15-04)
  • Vicki L. Eaklor: How Queer-Friendly Are U.S. History Textbooks? (1-27-04)

  • Commentary: Media

  • Lucian K. Truscott IV: The Real Mob at Stonewall (6-25-09)
  • Fred Sargeant: It was the second night at Stonewall that pointed the way to gay liberation (6-25-09)
  • Larry Kramer: Homo Sex in Colonial America (5-19-09)
  • Larry Kramer: Yale's Conspiracy of Silence (4-24-09)
  • John Aravosis: How did the T get in LGBT? (10-8-07)
  • Lloyd Billingsley: Gay-giography ... A Textbook Case (5-23-06)
  • Alison Dickman: So When Did the Gay Rights Movement Begin? (4-15-05)

  • News

  • 40 Years After Stonewall Riots, a rebel remembers (6-27-09)
  • Gay history museum shows current debate is nothing new: Marriage issue made headlines even 50 years ago (10-18-08)
  • Gay school's students get a history lesson with 'Milk' (12-30-08)
  • Second Annual Gay History Project To Publish In More than 30 Papers (10-1-07)
  • A Historian Discovers that Students Today Don't Know that AIDS Originally Was Regarded as a "Gay Disease" (1-9-04)
  • California Senate OKs teaching gay history (5-22-06)

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