Germany commemorates failed assassination attempt on Hitler

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Ceremonies to mark the failed asssassination attempt of July 20, 1944, will be held at the Berlin Resistance Memorial Centers at Bendlerblock, seat of the Defense Ministry and a major memorial for the assassination plot, and at Ploetzensee, the former prison where many hundreds of people were executed between 1933 and 1945.

In addition, German conscripts take their traditional solemn oath at a swearing-in ceremony in front of the Reichstag building on Monday. Chancellor Angela Merkel and Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung are expected to address the roughly 400 Bundeswehr soldiers of the 3rd and 7th company of the guard, who will then pledge to "faithfully serve the Federal Republic of Germany and to bravely defend the German people's rights and freedom."

The ceremonial oath is taken annually on July 20th in commemoration of the conspirators of the failed assassination of Adolf Hitler on that date in 1944.
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