Barack Obama faces 30 death threats a day, stretching US Secret Service

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US President Barack Obama is the target of more than 30 potential death threats a day and is being protected by an increasingly over-stretched and under-resourced Secret Service, according to a new book.

Since Mr Obama took office, the rate of threats against the president has increased 400 per cent from the 3,000 a year or so under President George W. Bush, according to Ronald Kessler, author of In the President's Secret Service.

Some threats to Mr Obama, whose Secret Service codename is Renegade, have been publicised, including an alleged plot by white supremacists in Tennessee late last year to rob a gun store, shoot 88 black people, decapitate another 14 and then assassinate the first black president in American history.
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Craig Michael Loftin - 9/9/2009

Glenn Beck must be delighted!

Michael Green - 9/9/2009

I am more concerned with why he is getting more death threats, and I think it safe and sad to say that racism is not dead or even dormant. That also has a great deal to do with the all-out craziness of some right-wingers these days.

Joyce Haworth - 9/9/2009

So now we all know the Secret Service's codename for the president?