Joe the Plumber says John McCain 'screwed up my life'

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Joe the Plumber, the mascot of the 2008 John McCain campaign for the US presidency, has lashed out at the veteran US senator from Arizona for "screwing up" his life.

Mr Wurzelbacher was thrust into the international spotlight when Mr McCain made repeated reference to him during one of the televised presidential debates. The two men had met days before and Mr Wurzelbacher had voiced fears about likely tax increases if Barack Obama were to become president.

But the unexpected notoriety caused him instant problems, with reports the next day that he practised plumbing without a licence.

Mr Wurzelbacher has no illusions about Mr McCain's motivations. "McCain was trying to use me," he told Scott Detrow, the reporter. "I happened to be the face of middle Americans. It was a ploy."

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Vernon Clayson - 2/17/2010

Joe the Plumber became an icon and he should be proud that he questioned Barack Obama's share the wealth policies. His feelings about McCain are immaterial, he's beating a dead horse, McCain was a hapless dithering candidate.