Tony Blair 'almost resigned over Iraq'

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Tony Blair was in such despair over the aftermath of the Iraq war that he told Gordon Brown and John Prescott that he intended to stand down as prime minister, according to a new book.

The claim, which provides a striking contrast with Mr Blair’s appearance before the Chilcot inquiry last month, when he said he had no regrets, appears in the latest instalment of Andrew Rawnsley’s The End of the Party, and confirms in detail widespread reports in recent years that Mr Blair almost resigned over Iraq.

In November 2003, at a dinner with Mr Brown, who was then chancellor, and Mr Prescott, the deputy prime minister, Mr Blair is said to have made clear that he intended to step down.

However within months, Mr Blair had changed his mind. Encouraged by his wife, Cherie, and closest political allies, he recovered his confidence and decided to fight on.
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