Critics say copies of rare slave photos have been on eBay

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A historian and a collector are defending the authenticity of a photo found in Charlotte that appears to depict slave children, even as critics say copies of the image exist at the New York Public Library and have been sold on eBay.

A story about the photo was written by The Associated Press and ran in the Observer on Friday. The image in question shows two African-American children, barefoot and wearing ragged clothes.

New York collector Keya Morgan paid $30,000 for the photo and an additional $20,000 for documents about the sale of one of the children, identified as John....

But critics quoted Tuesday on a USA Today blog say the photo is not rare and can be found on the New York Public Library's website. The caption on that version of the picture, part of a "stereoscopic" image meant to create the illusion of 3-D, says it was taken in 1870, casting doubt on whether the children were slaves.

Another critic said she was able to find a copy of the stereoscopic photograph on the online auction site eBay with a few keystrokes. It was sold with other pictures for $163....
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