Texas SBOE may OK resolution on Islamic bias in Texas textbooks

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AUSTIN — As a Muslim who grew up going to Texas public schools — and sees challenges facing today's Muslim students — Imam Islam Mossaad said he was taken aback by a resolution to be considered Friday by the State Board of Education asserting the need to fend off a pro-Islamic, anti-Christian bias in textbooks.

"There are Muslim students who even feel they have to change their name. They have to create some other ethnicity, so that their classmates don't say, 'Oh, here comes Osama,' or 'Watch out, he's got a bomb,' " Mossaad said at a Monday news conference with other clergy members against the proposed resolution. Critics say it inaccurately describes current social studies texts.

Mossaad, who called the idea of such bias "quite preposterous," said students should be given a fair characterization of reality....

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