Movie set to reignite civil war debate over Irish history

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Award-winning and radical film director Ken Loach's latest film in production is about the Irish War of Independence and Civil War - and it is likely to ignite intense debate about a brutal period in Irish history.

Loach has returned to Ireland to film The Wind that Shakes the Barley, a historical drama set in the Irish War of Independence and Civil War.

The period has filled plenty of history books in the 80 years since, and was given the blockbuster treatment nine years ago in the movie Michael Collins.

But Loach's distinctive style - using reality cinema techniques to tell stories through ordinary people's experiences - is intended to bring a new treatment to momentous events in Irish history.

"I'm not sure it's been told already. I think it's certainly been written about, but it hasn't been told in the cinema in the way we are going to tell it, which is from the point of view of the ordinary volunteer and the ordinary families," he says on location in Coolea, County Cork.

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