OAH to post recent scholarship online only to save money

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To save money, the strapped Organization of American Historians plans to begin exclusively posting recent scholarship online. Formerly, new scholarship was published in the pages of the Journal of American History. The change takes place starting in June.

The news was announced by Journal editor Edward T. Linenthal at the organization's annual business meeting today.

Linenthal says the move will save the OAH $20,000 a year.

He said this was the only major change he plans to make in the near future. He took over as editor last year.
Read entire article at Rick Shenkman reporting for HNN

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Nigel Anthony Sellars - 4/26/2006

Actually, this doesn't mean the entire journal will be only on-line (although it is on-line at www.historycooperative.org)

Annually,(IIRC, as it might be more frequently now) JAH listed all the recently published articles, books, and dissertations within sub-fields of US history. That can add up to several pages and a lot of time and money.

I'll be sad to see it only on-line as I found it nice to see what my friends and colleagues had recently published.

S J - 4/24/2006

It will be interesting to see what this does to the Journal's repute. I hope it goes well and think that eventually, more journals will be forced to move in this direction.

Stefanie Beninato - 4/23/2006

great idea! Would it save the OAH by making the journal available in CD format rather than paper. I would rather that form.