Two Koreas to Excavate Ancient Site

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Scholars from the two Koreas will begin a joint excavation of a historical site in Kaesong, North Korea starting early next month.

A group of historians from the two Koreas will jointly research a historical site of the ancient Koryo Kingdom, the Cultural Heritage Administration, a South Korean governmental body that leads the project, said Thursday.

The two Koreas agreed to conduct the excavation at their latest ministerial meeting in April.

Preparations are already under way, and South Korean scholars will visit the site on July 3 for the project, which will continue through Sept 2.

The site in Kaesong, which lies a few kilometers from the inter-Korean border, is the location of Manwoldae, the ancient kingdom¡¯s royal palace. Korean scholars have applied to UNESCO to designate the site as a World Cultural Heritage. In 2004, UNESCO designated the royal tombs of the Koguryo Kingdom in North Korea as a World Cultural Heritage.

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