Thieves steal medals awarded to famous Indian Civil War hero

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hieves have stolen a pair of presidential medals awarded to a Seneca Indian from western New York who wrote the final draft of the surrender terms that ended the Civil War.

The medals were awarded after the war to Union officer Ely Parker, the son of an Iroquois chief who became General Ulysses S. Grant's right-hand man during the war.

Officials at the Niagara County Historical Society say the medals were stolen late Saturday afternoon from a Civil War display in one of the organization's buildings in Lockport. The head of the historical society says the items are "extremely valuable."
Parker was told he couldn't join the Union Army because he was an American Indian. Grant, his lifelong friend, intervened on his behalf and Parker rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel.
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Vernon Clayson - 8/14/2006

Mr. Besch, let's say you are right that more whites are on welfare. That would be merely because there are more whites, check out percentages and let us know how that works out. By the way it's the same for prison inmates. But this isn't about blacks, my point is that Indians are the forgotten and neglected minority and few speak up for them and very few whine about their lot, pride enters into that equation.

Randll Reese Besch - 8/12/2006

Crypto racist & classist eh? Did you know that the majority that are on welfare are white!
A part of history that should be recorded,never-the-less. Contributions of those not 'white'.

Vernon Clayson - 8/9/2006

Again, there will be few, if any other, comments on this article, no one cares, except perhaps a few Indians. If the articles were stolen from any other minority or religious quack, the comments would go to double figures before the day is over. More concern would be shown if a black welfare recipient misplaced or lost her welfare check.