Fox News to show 'Path to 9/11' outtakes, but doubts remain

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NEW YORK -- Fox News plans to air scenes cut from the ABC miniseries, "The Path to 9/11," over doubts about their historical accuracy, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The footage is scheduled to air Sunday as part of "Hannity's America," the Los Angeles Times reported. It depicts former National Security Adviser Samuel Berger refusing to approve a CIA request to attack Osama bib Laden, an episode that Berger and the Sept. 11 Commission both didn't happen.

The miniseries that aired on ABC in September retained the scene, but it was toned down following complaints from several sources, including top Democrats.

Fox News obtained the footage this month at a meeting of a local chapter of the World Affairs Council in Camarillo, Calif., at which Cyrus Nowrasteh, who wrote and produced "The Path to 9/11," was a speaker. Fox also plans to use video from the speech in Sunday's show, the newspaper said.

"This movie was a completely false piece of right-wing propaganda when it was on ABC," said Jay Carson, a spokesman for former President Bill Clinton, "and it will be exactly the same on Fox if they make the unfortunate choice to air it, though it should be right at home."

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