World donates $2.3 million for restoration of Vietnam's old imperial city

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International organisations have provided US $2.3 million and 400 cubic metres of iron wood for repairs and restoration of the historical relics in the former imperial city of Hue since its system of temples and palaces were recognised as World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO in 1993...

Under a project to preserve and promote the value of Hue’s historical relics during the 1996-2010 period, more than VND 266 billion (roughly US $16.62 million) has been spent on restoring the monuments. As a result these monuments are no longer dilapidated and their value can be fully appreciated.

Phung Phu, director of the Centre for Preservation of Historical relics in Hue, said that of more than 100 of over 300 projects in and around Hue have been restored, upgraded and preserved. Many of them, including the Ngo Mon Gate (Noon-time Gate), the Thai Hoa Palace (the Palace of Supreme Peace), the The To Temple, Dien Tho Palace, Hien Lam pavilion, Tomb of Gia Long, Sung An, Minh Lau and Bi Dinh shrines, Tomb of Minh Mang, Ngo Mon Square, Thien Mu Pagoda), An Dinh Palace, and gates of Hue Citadel, have opened for visitors.
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