Canadian veterans escalate war museum protest

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The Royal Canadian Legion is renewing calls for a boycott of the Canadian War Museum and is asking the Senate Subcommittee on Veterans Affairs to intervene in a dispute over a controversial panel of text about the devastation of the Allied bombing campaign in the Second World War.

"Basically we don't want people going to the War Museum. We find that the panel is insensitive," said Bob Butt, a Legion spokesman in Ottawa. "The people who were actually on the [bombing] mission find it extremely insensitive and feel like criminals when they go in there."

The president of the Canadian War Museum decided last week to leave the text on a single informational panel unchanged after consulting with four military historians. A red vertical banner, it is found toward the end of the larger exhibit on the Second World War and argues there is a controversy over the bombing of German civilians and devastation of the country.
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