McCain has repeatedly cited his Vietnam experience despite claims that he hasn't

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During an appearance at Pastor Rick Warren's Saddleback Church, responding to a question about "the most gut-wrenching decision you've ever made," Sen. John McCain cited his refusal to accept an early release from a North Vietnamese prison camp. The Politico claimed that McCain's answer "shows the power of his biography, and a new willingness to publicly discuss it." In fact, McCain has repeatedly referred to his Vietnam war experiences and has specifically cited his refusal to accept an early release in a book, interviews, speeches, and campaign ads since 1999.
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Lorraine Paul - 8/24/2008

Thank you, Mr Besch for stating just what exactly happened without wrapping it up in glossy paper. (which reminds me of that American saying about 'polishing' errr! human waste...you can polish it all you like, but it still remains a....).

I, for one, am fed up to the backteeth with the decades bleating of those whose job it was to kill the Vietnamese people. Further, they were so bloody successful at it too!

I am reminded of a cartoon I once saw which depicted, in the lower corner, a woman stabbed through the heart and in the upper corner her male murderer surrounded by 'sympathisers' of his 'plight'!

As one whose feet still twinge when I think of the anti-war marches I attended and the abuse and threats that were hurled at me by the supporters of that infamous war, I think I should be asked on world-wide TV which was the hardest decision I ever had to make. However, like most people I just get on with living and don't even bother much to reflect, let alone have the answer down pat, on my 'hard' decisions.

Randll Reese Besch - 8/22/2008

He chose to be a pilot, bomb civilians in a trumped up war by the USA. A war crime that all got away unscathed. Except for the millions dead and wounded by weapons in three countries. He did not chose to be shot down and tortured and incarcerated like all of the other people like him who were there.

Vernon Clayson - 8/21/2008

This is an odd comment, McCain's time in Vietnam was difficult and lengthy, it's part of him. His referring to it is far more meaningful than John Kerry's endless references to his brief time there and the less than terrible wounds that earned him three purple hearts in about three months. If John McCain felt that was his most difficult decision, it surely was. What was Kerry's most difficult decision, perhaps leaving the Navy before his commitment was over? But this is not about Kerry, he's old news, what was Obama's most difficult decision, not the one he gave, was it choosing a religion to follow that would most benefit him at this moment in time?