Underground World War II caves found below Caen in northern France

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The time capsule labyrinth lies deep below the Normandy city of Caen, which was all but destroyed by British guns around D-Day, June 6th 1944.

Largely undisturbed since, the makeshift bunkers still contain numerous reminders of a terrified population whose only thought at the time was survival.

They include packed suitcases, tins of syrup, decaying maps and official passes, and even lady's make-up bags including nail varnish and lipstick.

There are also children's magazines and toys, shoes, carbon lights, prayer books, and makeshift beds where people would try and rest despite the barrages.

Many spent more than a month deep below the constant shelling from Royal Navy ships and RAF bombing. Some 2000 died, with thousands more injured.

Caen Memorial historian Marc Pottier said the lost world was a hugely moving testament to what ordinary people went through during the war.

He said: “During the summer of 1944 here, in Caen, 15,000 Caen refugees experienced some of the most terrible conditions imaginable. By visiting these galleries we can better understand what they went through.”

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