• The Winner in Afghanistan? China

    by Alfred McCoy

    While the similarities between the American exits from Vietnam and Afghanistan are superficially obvious, the differences are more significant, and signal a steep decline in America's ability to influence world affairs. 

  • The Decline and Fall of the Roman… Whoops!… American Empire

    by Tom Engelhardt

    A hubristic choice to refuse a negotiated surrender from the Afghan Taliban in favor of establishing American military supremacy now haunts both nations as the costs of war undo domestic "nation building" in the US. 

  • The New Era of American Power

    by Adam Tooze

    The dominant position of American financial interests and the still-escalating Pentagon budget, focusing on technological dominance over China, mean that it's too soon to celebrate the end of American interventionism abroad. 

  • Comparative Reflections on the Fall of Kabul

    by Ben Kiernan

    In their rush to compare the fall of Kabul to the 1975 victory of the Vietnamese communists, observers neglect the more relevant comparison between the Taliban and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. 

  • How Previous Presidents have Ended American Wars

    With the U.S.'s longest war coming to an end, Here & Now's Scott Tong speaks with Julian Zelizer, professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University, to look back at how other U.S. presidents have handled ending conflicts.

  • Words of Warning: Many Opposed the Afghanistan Invasion in 2001

    by John Bodnar

    "Today Americans worry over the humanitarian crisis at the Kabul airport.  But they mostly forget the one that transpired over a period of two decades and led to the death of some 150,000 Afghans in a war to eliminate evil from the world."

  • The Deeper Crisis Behind the Afghan Rout

    by Walter Russell Mead

    "Neither the past two decades nor the past two weeks demonstrate American wisdom or the efficacy of the byzantine bureaucratic ballet out of which U.S. policy emerges."

  • Liberal Democracy is Worth a Fight

    by Anne Applebaum

    "In the real world, the battle to defend liberal democracy is sometimes a real battle, a military battle, not merely an ideological battle."

  • The Phony Feminism of War Cheerleaders

    by Natalie Shure

    "The fact that Afghan women really do face immense oppression makes their cynical use for war-stoking purposes almost unfathomably galling," argues Natalie Shure.

  • The Disasters in Afghanistan and Haiti Share the Same Twisted Root

    by Jonathan M. Katz

    "Both Haiti and Afghanistan owe their sorry conditions to decades of direct U.S. control. Looking closely at the links between the two is essential for understanding how to respond to each in ways that help, rather than do more harm."