John Tyler

  • Our Last Insurrectionist President

    by Daniel N. Gullotta

    John Tyler's post-presidential second act, as a secessionist, yielded something worse than historical condemnation: irrelevance. 

  • The Accident that Almost Decapitated the US Government

    by Stan Haynes

    John Tyler intended to show off the firepower of the USS Princeton to boost his abysmal popularity and scare foreign goverments into letting him annex Texas. He nearly got more than he bargained for in one of the biggest close calls of presidential history. 

  • Virginia Community Colleges to Drop John Tyler's Name

    “We enroll lots of people whose ancestors were enslaved, were marginalized, were clearly taken advantage of,” said Glenn DuBois, the system’s chancellor. “And what do you say to those students when they’re looking at some of these names?”

  • Not the First Mob Attack on the Government in D.C.

    by Stan M. Haynes

    An angry mob threatened John Tyler and his family in the White House and burnt him in effigy on the grounds after he vetoed the Whig Party's bill for a second Bank of the United States in 1841, leading Congress to authorize a night police patrol for the District of Columbia. 

  • Who Else Is Trump Like?

    by Ronald L. Feinman

    Presidents John Tyler and Andrew Johnson, two previous presidents who faced impeachment.