public safety

  • Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police

    by Mariame Kaba

    A police abolition activist argues that the long history of commissions set up to investigate police violence against civilans shows that the institution can't be reformed or regulated. 

  • How Defund and Disband Became the Demands

    by Amna A. Akbar

    An Ohio State University law professor summarizes the history of activists and academics who shaped the movement for police abolition that has received attention in the wake of George Floyd's killing and ensuing protests. 

  • Defund the Police

    by Austin McCoy

    The emergence of a protest slogan is usually followed by struggles over its meaning; calls for defunding the police echo the contested slogan of "Black Power" in the 1960s.

  • A Brief Criminal History of the Mask

    by Melissa Gira Grant

    The New York  City mask order, particularly without any subsequent plan to make masks accessible to the public, hands police another tool to regulate public space—and that is not the same thing as ensuring public safety.