culture war

  • We Wouldn’t Have Had President Trump Without Rush Limbaugh

    by Max Boot

    Rush Limbaugh stripped conservative politics of principle, policy, and argument, broadcasting a show based on "assertion, mockery, and resentment." Donald Trump's presidency has proven that this was enough. 

  • Donald Trump Lost His Battle. The Culture War Goes On

    As long as there is political hay to be made by politicizing the cultural preferences of different groups of Americans and stoking politics of grievance over them, don't expect the tone and temper of American politics to calm down once Trump is gone; Kevin Kruse an Julian Zelizer's book "Fault Lines" is suggested reading on the subject. 

  • Donald Trump vs. the Ivy League: An Election-Year Battle

    The Trump administration has always engaged in rhetorical attacks on Ivy League institutions as elitist, but critics say launching a civil rights investigation of Princeton represents an effort to weaponize executive branch agencies to fight a culture war. 

  • How Not to Read Bernard Bailyn

    by Asheesh Kapur Siddique

    Conservatives lionizing Bernard Bailyn for supporting libertarian interpretations of the nation's founding and valorizing the founders "aligns perfectly with the reactionary effort to cancel critically engaged understandings of the American past, but poorly with Bailyn’s own far more nuanced vision of historical practice."

  • The Culture War That Was Fought in the Sky

    by Keith O’Brien

    In 1928, women helped decide the presidential election, but they wanted more than just the vote. They wanted to do everything a man could do. Even fly the Atlantic.

  • The Hobby Lobby Decision: Cultural Divisions Take Center Stage

    by Alonzo Hamby

    Hobby Lobby is a skirmish in a cultural conflict likely to divide us far into the foreseeable future while relegating what remains of the economic divisions of the mid-20th century to a sideshow.

  • The Culture War’s Sore Winners

    by Ross Douthat

    "Such a liberalism would take ownership of its own ascendance and take more responsibility for (and pride in!) its own aggressions, rather than perpetually crying 'theocracy' whenever its advance is interrupted."