culture war

  • Revising America’s Racist Past

    The organized campaign to demonize and ban "Critical Race Theory" has resulted in legislation that is disrupting the crafting and implementation of curriculum standards in multiple states, a review of state education standards and public comments on them reveals. 

  • Behind the CRT Crackdown

    by Sam Adler-Bell

    The anti-CRT movement "is not merely a battle against a theory of racism or American history, but a battle against the idea that we might join forces to make American society more fair, more equal, and more kind."

  • A Bill Proposed a New Way to Teach History. It Got the History Wrong.

    “The gross mistake in this bill is indicative of the need to have scholars and teachers, not legislators/politicians, shaping what students at every level learn in the classroom,” Caroline Janney, a professor of Civil War history at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, said in an email.

  • Neutral on Nazis? Indiana Legislature Walks Back Remarks

    "During a committee hearing Wednesday about Senate Bill 167, a wide-ranging bill inspired by the national discourse over critical race theory, history teacher Matt Bockenfeld raised concerns about what the bill would require of teachers."

  • Scope, Speed of Educational Gag Order Laws Increasing Nationwide

    by Jeffrey Sachs

    Under the South Carolina bill, racism, fascism, and homophobia can all be understood as cultural or political beliefs. Educators would be prohibited from describing those who hold such beliefs as bigoted or oppressive. 

  • In Texas, Battle is on Over Books

    "To talk with a dozen teachers and librarians is to hear annoyance and frustration and bewilderment, as much with the sheer ambiguity of the new law and the list of books as with the practical effect."

  • 10 Books Texas Doesn't Want You to Read

    "The subjectivity involved in defining inappropriate, obscene, or distressing—and the danger of politicizing such definitions—is at the center of Krause’s challenge, and it shows in the books on his ban list."

  • Today's Culture Wars are Playing Out on Plantation Tours

    by Kelley Fanto Deetz

    "Museum professionals at plantations hear it all and must balance viewpoints that are diametrically opposed to one another, such as the romanticized notion of antebellum gentility and the constant fear of terror and violence of the enslaved."

  • When Culture War Politics Consume School Boards, Basic Functions Suffer

    "there is a striking disconnect between the crises that have consumed school board meetings for well more than a year and the emergencies that teachers, nurses, custodians, secretaries and other staff members say they are facing when they show up at school each morning."