culture war

  • The Culture War That Was Fought in the Sky

    by Keith O’Brien

    In 1928, women helped decide the presidential election, but they wanted more than just the vote. They wanted to do everything a man could do. Even fly the Atlantic.

  • The Hobby Lobby Decision: Cultural Divisions Take Center Stage

    by Alonzo Hamby

    Hobby Lobby is a skirmish in a cultural conflict likely to divide us far into the foreseeable future while relegating what remains of the economic divisions of the mid-20th century to a sideshow.

  • The Culture War’s Sore Winners

    by Ross Douthat

    "Such a liberalism would take ownership of its own ascendance and take more responsibility for (and pride in!) its own aggressions, rather than perpetually crying 'theocracy' whenever its advance is interrupted."