Middle East

  • Martha Hodes Talks "My Hijacking" with HNN

    by Michan Connor

    In 1970, when she was 12, Martha Hodes was held hostage for nearly a week in a campaign of airline hijacking that captured world attention. She discusses trauma and erasure in the historical record, the roles of remembering and forgetting in shaping views of the past, and how she investigated herself as a historial actor. 

  • Martha Hodes Reconstructs Her Memory of a 1970 Hijacking

    At age 12, the historian, with her older sister, was a passenger on a jet hijacked by Palestinian militants. After decades of minimizing the story, her efforts to approach her past as a historian highlight the gaps in documentary records, the contradictory ways memory can fill those gaps, and the varying degrees of distance historians keep from their subjects.

  • William Casey (Almost) Certainly Delayed the Release of Iran Hostages to Help Reagan

    by Jonathan Alter, Gary Sick, Kai Bird and Stuart Eizenstat

    It has long been suspected that Reagan's campaign chief William Casey convinced Iran that they could get a better deal by releasing American hostages after the election of Ronald Reagan. Available documents, recent interviews, and the vast circumstantial evidence present a damning case, argues a team of policy vets and journalistic experts on the Carter years. 

  • Israel and Palestine Have a Way Forward. Will They Choose It?

    by Alon Ben-Meir

    It is time for Israel and the Palestinians to face the bittersweet truth and accept certain realities on the ground that neither side can change short of a calamity. These inescapable realities will frame the contours of a peace agreement in the context of an Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian confederation.  

  • Is a Third Intifada Imminent?

    by Daniel Byman

    The second intifada, between 2000 and 2005, ended not with negotiated peace but with an overwhelming application of force by Israel on Gaza and the West Bank. As Israeli politics tilts rightward and abandons the idea of a negotiated settlement, it is unclear what will prevent a new escalation of violence. 

  • Will the US Build an Embassy on Palestinian Land in Jerusalem?

    by Rashid Khalidi

    As the new ultra-right wing Israeli government prepares to escalate the dispossession of Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem, the United States should not allow the siting of its embassy to give cover to this project. 

  • After Four Decades, Iranian Women's Frustrations are Erupting

    by Kelly J. Shannon

    Since the 1990s, Iranian women have been engaged in slowly escalating protest against the restrictions imposed by the Islamic Republic. Have those protests become too large and too public to be contained? 

  • Attacking Iran would be a Catastrophic Mistake for Israel

    by Alon Ben-Meir

    Regardless of a success or failure to reach a new agreement with Iran, Israel must not attack Iran’s nuclear facilities and must work closely with the US to develop a joint strategy to curb Iran’s ambition to acquire nuclear weapons and potentially end the conflict with Iran on a more permanent basis.