Nazi Germany

  • The Declassified History of Hitler's British Traitors

    by Tim Tate

    For all the genuine unity and determination of the vast majority of the British population to defeat Hitler, there was also a small – but dangerous – sub-stratum which yearned for the day when his troops could goose-step down Whitehall amid an orgy of swastika flags.

  • Nazis 'wanted to use mosquitoes as a weapon'

    Nazi scientists were working on ways to use malaria-carrying mosquitoes as a weapon, researchers have uncovered. Until now, experts have disputed whether Germany was working on biological warfare during World War II.

  • What Really Caused the Reichstag Fire

    by Benjamin Carter Hett

    Historians have accepted the Nazi version of the story for years. But there's considerable evidence pointing to a Nazi conspiracy.

  • Did the Nazis steal the Mona Lisa?

    The extraordinary tale of the Nazi art thieves believed to have stashed the world's most famous painting in an alpine salt mine.