Joe Biden

  • The Risks of Declaring the Pandemic Over

    by Molly Nebiolo

    As long as America has had pandemics, it has had leaders who sought political benefit by declaring them over, so Joe Biden is in good company. But moving on needs to include planning ahead. 

  • Biden's Taiwan Rhetoric Risks Antagonizing China For No Gain

    by Stephen Wertheim

    The United States' "One China" policy is ambivalent, awkward and dissatisfying. But it's served to prevent a destructive war for decades. Biden's recent comments threaten to destabilize the arrangement. 

  • Is Biden Really the Most Pro-Union President?

    Labor historian Erik Loomis says Biden is spending limited political capital to support workers and strikers, and that the bar for pro-labor presidencies is set extremely low. 

  • Why Were the Historians Advising Biden All White?

    Historians of color, including Kenneth Mack and Manisha Sinha, have argued that it shouldn't be necessary to look outside of the United States, or all the way back to the Civil War, to find examples of institutionalized racism, demagoguery, voter suppression, and political violence. 

  • Historically Speaking, Biden's "Semi-Fascist" Description of MAGA is Correct

    by Federico Finchelstein

    The global authoritarian movement, of which MAGA is a part, is becoming increasingly intolerant of democracy and committed to fighting imagined threats to the nation. It's an ominous direction that tracks with the past rise of fascist regimes. 

  • President as Change Agent: Breakers vs. Builders

    by Michael A. Genovese

    While Joe Biden has recently enjoyed policy successes that point toward a revival of the Democrats' political fortunes, his brand of change is handicapped by a lack of excitement. Will Americans ultimately choose a "disruptor" over an incrementalist? 

  • Historians on the Biden-Carter Comparison

    by Olivia B. Waxman

    Meg Jacobs, Gregory Brew and Kai Bird discuss the similar economic and international contexts of the two presidencies, and suggest that Biden may, like Carter, ultimately be more effective than he is given credit for. 

  • Why Biden Failed

    by Adam Tooze

    If Biden’s plan was to stabilize US democracy with progressive politics – an updated New Deal for the 21st century – the conclusion now must be that his presidency has failed.

  • Are the Dems Doomed?

    by Julian Zelizer

    The Democrats are leaving themselves open to taking the blame at the polls for the war in Ukraine and high gas prices and the inevitable next wave of the COVID pandemic. 

  • Nicole Hemmer Reviews Martin and Burns's "This Will Not Pass"

    by Nicole Hemmer

    The book by two political reporters portrays the dire contrast between a Republican Party willing to do anything to hold power between November 2020 and January 2021 and a Democratic Party enmeshed in business-as-usual.