Kanye West’s Ego Can’t Change History

Roundup: Media's Take
tags: Confederate flag, Kanye West

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(The Root)—The Confederate flag has been getting a lot of press recently.

You’ve probably read stories of students wearing the flag to school, the flag being waved at the gates of the White House and the “that’s not what it means” debate. Is it Southern pride or the symbol of American oppression’s past? Most Americans have the common sense or at least the common decency not to parade the flag around, even if they agree with its supposedly controversial meaning.

Enter Kanye West.

Mr. West, troublemaker supreme, in a move that must have had record-label executives and #TeamYeezy’s branding crew on edge, has branded his Yeezus tour with the Confederate flag. No, Mr. West hasn’t found slave owners in his family tree and decided to show family pride....

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