Cleveland's Chief Wahoo: The team’s offensive logo is being downplayed, but still survives.

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Thumbnail Image -   logo for Cleveland Indians by Source, Fair use.

Mr. Chief Wahoo walked through the concourse behind center field on a July night, unrecognized.

No hugs or high fives from beer-sipping fans. No requests for photos or autographs from their children.

Pedro Rodriguez had reluctantly given up donning the garb he'd worn, in some form, to baseball games for two decades: A headdress adorned with red and blue feathers, a custom-made sweatshirt with "FEAR THE CHIEF" scrawled across its front, a face meticulously painted to resemble the Cleveland Indians' logo.

Officially, Rodriguez, like the team he so adores, has distanced himself from Wahoo - a caricature of a Native American chief that some consider the most egregious image in sports.

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