Another National Park Service tweeter has a not-so-subtle message for Donald Trump

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tags: immigration, Japanese internment

On the same day President Donald Trump is expected to order a temporary ban on immigrants from certain Muslim countries, as well as a hold on refugees, Death Valley National Park’s official Twitter account posted stark reminders of the U.S. internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. “During WWII Death Valley hosted 65 endangered internees after the #Manzanar Riot. #JapaneseAmericanInternment,” the first tweet read, matter-of-factly. Following that, the account posted a picture of one particular internee, Togo Tanaka, accompanied by his famous quote against the racist internment policy: “We want the opportunity they have to prove their loyalty. We are asked to accept a denial of that privilege in the name of patriotism.” 

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