History gets a conservative twist in Michigan social studies standards

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References to gay rights, Roe v. Wade, climate change and “core democratic values” have been stripped from Michigan’s new proposed social studies standards, and the historic role of the NAACP downplayed, through the influence of Republican state Sen. Patrick Colbeck and a cadre of conservatives who helped rewrite the standards for public school students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

While individual teachers develop lesson plans for their classrooms and could incorporate the deleted subject matter, state standards set expectations for what students are to learn in each grade. Standards are so important that the state has spent four years developing new social studies standards to update standards implemented in 2007.

The new standards are now being reviewed as part of a public comment period that ends June 30. The State Board of Education is expected to receive feedback on public comments in August. There is no date set for a final vote by the board, but its co-president Casandra Ulbrich, a Democrat from Rochester Hills, said she expects the board won’t rush a vote.

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