Protests Against US Stay-at-Home Orders Gain Support from Rightwing Figures

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Protests against stay-at-home coronavirus rules have gained support from rightwing politicians and media groups in recent days, setting up a battle between scientists and public health leaders who say restrictions are necessary and some Republicans demanding the measures be lifted.

The Michigan Conservative Committee organized a rally, dubbed “Operation Gridlock”, outside Michigan’s state capitol on Wednesday, demanding that the governor, Gretchen Whitmer, lift restrictions designed to limit the spread of coronavirus. Thousands of people drove to Lansing, waving Donald Trump 2020 campaign signs chanting “lock her up”, and flouting social distancing restrictions.

Demonstrations against coronavirus measures are spreading across the US, with people holding rallies in North Carolina, Utah, Kentucky and Ohio in recent days. A protest is planned in Virginia on Thursday, while a Texas rally, pushed by a host on the rightwing conspiracy theory website Infowars, is set to target the state capitol in Austin on Saturday.

Despite health officials stressing the importance of stay-at-home measures, prominent figures on the right, including Fox NewsRush Limbaugh, and rightwing website the Gateway Pundit have begun to champion the conservative effort.

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