Polish Historian Ewa Kurek: Coronavirus is ‘Jewification’ of Europe

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Polish historian Ewa Kurek gave an interview on Wrealu24 in March, in which she described the coronavirus outbreak in Europe as a “Jewification.” 

According to Kurek, who began her academic career as a Holocaust historian and is now considered as a radical Catholic writer, COVID-19 is used to introduce “Jewish” values into “our Western Christian culture.”

She claimed that in Spain, they are facing a shortage of ventilators and need to decide who gets to be treated and who isn’t, hinting that this is allegedly “Talmudic” logic and against the Catholic value of the sacredness of life.No respectable media source reported that Spanish medical doctors are selecting which of their patients can be saved or not due to the virus outbreak.

While Jewish scholars discussed medical ethics extensively – for example, it is allowed to stop a pregnancy if it is real danger to the life of the expecting mother – there is no Jewish understanding that only the young and healthy deserve to be treated. Catholic doctrine also allows for some flexibility in medical issues, making the argument into a misleading one.

Kurek went on to say that “Jewish-Fascist behavior” is now visible in Western Europe, which is controlled by “Jewish conglomerates.”

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