Historians Seek Approval for Memorial to 1930 Sherman, TX Courthouse Riot

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group of activists and historians in Grayson County are pushing for a new Texas Historical Marker, commemorating the Sherman Riot at the courthouse in 1930.

It’s a project that’s been in the works since November but now it’s at a stand-still, until they can get a spot on the county commissioner’s agenda.

May 1930, George Hughes, a Black man, was killed at the Grayson County Courthouse. After his murder, the courthouse was burned.

“There are eight Texas historic markers at that court house,” said Grayson County historian Melissa Thiel. “Several of those events didn’t even happen at the court house, but this did. Our court house burned down.”

It’s the reason why Thiel has been pushing to get a Historical Marker, recognizing the events that took place, approved.

“We’ve actually had it approved twice from the historical commission, but we keep getting stuck at the commissioner’s court level, and that’s where we need the next approval to say we can place the marker at the courthouse,” Thiel said.

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