Jair Bolsonaro

  • Bolsonaro's Long Shadow

    by Nara Roberta Silva

    The recently departed president is only the latest, and probably not the last, avatar of antidemocratic impulses in Brazilian politics, generally reflected by the elite recruiting the anxieties of the middle class to thwart broader social rights for the nation's poor. 

  • Deport Bolsonaro

    by Ben Burgis

    The former Brazilian president has no right or entitlement to live in Florida while avoiding accountability for crimes in Brazil committed both before and after his losing campaign for reelection. 

  • Brazil Attack Latest Export of Far-Right Extremism from the US

    by Jacob Ware

    With direct support from figures like Steve Bannon and the use of social media to organize a mass attack on the institutions of government, the January 8 attack on the Brazilian government has been molded by the American far right.

  • The Amazon Rainforest under Threat

    by Stanley E. Blake

    Historian Stanley Blake sketches the long struggle over the Amazon between indigenous peoples and those Brazilians who see it as the key to Brazil's economic future.