• Russia’s sacred land

    by Peter Turchin

    To understand Crimea, we need an evolutionary theory of national honour. It’s irrational and deadly – but it works.

  • What If historian Timothy Snyder is Wrong About Ukraine?

    by Jim Sleeper

    While Snyder is surely right to remind us that most Ukrainian nationalists aren’t fascists, as Putin claims, that doesn’t make them as democratic and freedom-loving as Snyder keeps telling us.

  • The Abuse of History in the Ukrainian Crisis

    by Marco Siddi

    By invoking inflammatory slogans like “Putin is Hitler” and “Ukrainians are fascists”, both Russian and western leaders distort the realities of 21st Century Ukraine.

  • Seeds of Discord in Ukraine

    by Scott Reynolds Nelson

    Yes, Ukraine is rife with ethnic and nationalist frictions. But underlying its strife are its wheat fields.

  • Putin, Man of Mystery? Hardly.

    by Mark D. Steinberg

    Putin often speaks quite openly of his motives and values—and opinion polls suggest he is strongly in sync with widespread popular sentiments.