presidential history

  • Historic Levels, but Not the Good Kind

    by Heather Cox Richardson

    Warren G. Harding created an atmosphere in which the point of government was not to help ordinary Americans, but to see how much leaders could get out of it.

  • Make Digital History a National Common Ground

    by Stewart D. McLaurin

    No one should be at a disadvantage because they can’t visit D.C., or other historical landmarks like Presidential homes and libraries. We can take advantage of our increased dependence on online learning to inspire students, no matter where they live.

  • Presidential Pardons and the Spirit of Clemency

    by Ron Radosh

    It is difficult to imagine, in these divided and troubling days, that our nation once had a conservative Republican president who believed that a socialist like Debs was just an American citizen with whom he disagreed, not an enemy who ought to be destroyed. 

  • Ghosts of Neshoba: Why Trump Can't Dog Whistle His Way Back to the White House

    by Rick Perlstein

    Ronald Reagan's notorious "states' rights" pledge in Mississippi in 1980 was actually damaging to his campaign. The Gipper needed all his political skill and actor's discipline to rebuild his standing with moderates while still appealing to resentful white voters. Donald Trump lacks the skill to pull off the same trick.

  • What if Trump Refuses to Leave?

    by Richard Striner

    History offers few guidelines for how to handle the increasingly plausible scenario of a defeated president refusing to leave office. 

  • Donald Trump May Not Be Herbert Hoover

    by Tom Engelhardt

    Trump, unlike President Herbert Hoover, may usher us into a true Great Depression and possibly not suffer a staggering defeat at the polls in November, as that president did in 1932.

  • This Election Isn't 1968 or 1992 or 2016

    Richard Nixon won by portraying himself as a unifier against an out-of-control left; Bill Clinton won reelection by carefully navigating the politics of crime and unrest. There is nothing very careful, yet, about what we've seen from this president.

  • JFK at 103: What We Miss

    by Joseph A. Esposito

    John F. Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917. Although much of the Camelot ideal was mythical, Kennedy's optimism and purposefulness are nevertheless missed today.