international relations

  • Is International Cooperation Possible?

    by Tiziana Stella and Campbell Craig

    The United Nations system, based on the sovereignty of nations, is increasingly inadequate to the global problems facing humanity. There are other international traditions that can guide a better world order. 

  • Alfred McCoy: Ukraine War May Birth New World Order

    The historian of international relations predicts that the Ukraine invasion and NATO's response will have the effect of tying Russia and China together in an alliance that will reshape the dynamics of international relations, trade, and military power. 

  • Is the West Laissez-Faire About Sanctions?

    If economic sanctions become a replacement for military force in international conflict, they also risk becoming a normal part of nationalist economic policy that escalates international rivalry as a feature of the global economy. 

  • Nicholas Mulder: When Sanctions Work – And Don't

    The economic historian argues that broad sanctions, like suspending Russian access to PayPal and other internet banking, may alienate the civilians necessary to put political pressure on the Kremlin, while also disrupting energy and food markets in ways that will be difficult to predict. 

  • The Geopolitics of the Russia-Ukraine War

    by Alfred McCoy

    Since the Versailles conference in 1919, geopolitical theorists have discussed the potential of anl alliance connecting eastern Europe and central Asia as a potential seat of world domination. Are recent developments in Russian-Chinese relations moving in that direction? 

  • John Mearsheimer and the Dark Origins of Realism

    by Adam Tooze

    The vitriol aimed at Mearsheimer's diagnosis of the Russia-Ukraine conflict transcends academic debate and points to the liberal west's frustration at how little it can actually influence Russia. It's a missed opportunity to reflect on the roots and influence of his realist philosophy.

  • Can Europe Run Its Own Defenses While the US Shifts to China?

    by Stephen Wertheim

    European nations can't gamble that the US will be able to support their collective defense in the coming decades, and the United States should encourage the shift spurred by the Ukraine invasion for Europe to take the lead. 

  • American Pundits Can't Resist "Westsplaining" Ukraine

    by Jan Smoleński and Jan Dutkiewicz

    "For Eastern European scholars like us, it’s galling to watch the unending stream of Western scholars and pundits condescend to explain the situation in Ukraine and Eastern Europe."

  • The World is at Financial War

    by Adam Tooze

    Ukrainian resistance to invasion has affirmed its sovereignty, pushing NATO nations to take actions that would have been politically difficult before, including imposing economic sanctions as a clear instance of taking sides in the conflict. But it's clear those nations are thinking hard about the limits of aid.