• Problems with Legal Marijuana will Demand Coherent Policy Response

    by Peter Thilly

    The state-by-state variation in marijuana laws means that legalization has the potential to create inequalities and subject some users to state violence. The history of opium in China shows the need for coherent overarching policies. 

  • How "4:20" Became Enshrined in Pot Culture

    Bored teens plus a coincidental after-school meeting time plus a statue of Louis Pasteur plus a gig as a Grateful Dead roadie turned out to equal a viral piece of pot culture that is known worldwide today.

  • How the Cold War Killed Cannabis as We Knew It

    When Henry Kissinger sought to assert American control of Caribbean bauxite ore reserves, he set off a political dirty war that poisoned the Jamaican interior and destroyed prominent strains of cannabis in the name of marijuana interdiction. 

  • A More Historic Act of Clemency

    by Zach Hidin

    Commuting the sentences of 46 nonviolent drug offenders may seem historic. But history sets the bar higher still.

  • Why is Hemp Illegal?

    by Bradley J. Borougerdi

    The real reason hemp is illegal may surprise you -- it has everything to do with Orientalism.