Fox News

  • With Tucker, Fox Painted Itself Into a Corner

    by Nicole Hemmer

    Carlson was the key figure that allowed Fox News to avoid being eclipsed by MAGA and the ability of Donald Trump to command media attention without the network's help. Now the network must reckon with the costs – in legal settlements and journalistic legitimacy—of letting Carlson run the show. 

  • Tucker Carlson Embodies the GOP's Cynicism

    by Tom Nichols

    "If you were trying to undermine a nation and dissolve its hopes for the future, you could hardly design a better vehicle than Tucker Carlson Tonight."

  • How Fox News Helped Break the American Right

    by Matthew Dallek

    The Republican Party has long struggled to keep extremists within its ranks at bay, if partly for political reasons. But the rise of Fox News has destroyed the guardrails older generations of mainstream conservatives set up against conspiracists, hatemongers, and bigots. 

  • Fox's Handling of the "Big Lie" was Cowardly, but Not Unusual

    by Kathryn J. McGarr

    News organizations' standards of objectivity have long allowed public figures and politicians to proclaim lies without pushback, leaving the public to be arbiters of truth and falsity. 

  • Holocaust Echoes in Ukraine Conspiracy Theories

    by Rafael Medoff

    Some reactions to the news coverage of horrors visited on civilians echo excuses and minimization of Nazi violence against Jews, including claims that the stories are part of a campaign of emotional manipulation. 

  • Attack on Reza Aslan puts his Jesus book in the spotlight

    Not every scholarly study of early Christianity rockets to best-seller status thanks to an attack by a belligerent cable-network reporter.But that became the fate last week of Reza Aslan's Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, just out from Random House in the United States while, in Britain, the Westbourne Press is rushing the book forward from its original August 18 publication date.The fortunes of Zealot offer a cautionary tale for scholars who publish on touchy subjects—or perhaps a primer on how to provoke conservative-media hostility, and then to capitalize on it, even if you're no religious or intellectual radical....

  • Shaped by history, Gettysburg celebrates milestone

    GETTYSBURG, Pa. –  Gettysburg changed the direction of American history 150 years ago, and the town hasn't been the same since.The couple of hundred thousand visitors expected at events to mark the anniversary of the 1863 clash won't have to look far to find remnants of the pivotal campaign of the Civil War, even outside the grounds of the meticulously maintained national park.Cannonballs and shrapnel remain embedded in a few of the roughly 200 buildings that remain from the period.Many of the businesses in the rural county seat cater to the throngs of tourists that stream into one of the country's most historic places, from General Pickett's Buffet to Abraham's Lady, a battle-era clothing shop....