Mike Pence

  • Is Kamala Harris Really the Least Popular VP in a Half-Century?

    The right has seized on the argument, which is based on shoddy interpretation of polls and ignores the fact that net favorability ratings for current officials are much more affected by partisan polarization than for their predecessors decades ago. 

  • Two Visions of Higher Education Illuminate the Chasm between Harris and Pence

    by Marybeth Gasman and Adam Laats

    The Vice Presidential candidates' university affiliations--Harris's attendance at Howard and membership in a prominent Black sorority, and Pence's political affinity for Liberty University--show that both HBCUs and Evangelical colleges are important and politically significant parts of the American higher education system.

  • Stars and Stripes and Blasphemy

    by L.D. Burnett

    What we heard from Mike Pence was a white evangelical Christian swapping out the Savior for the United States flag.