HNN Hot Topics: Hugo Chavez, 1954-2013

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  • Hugo Chávez of Venezuela dies (3-5-13)
  • Commentary: Historians

  • Greg Grandin: The Legacy of Hugo Chávez (3-5-13)
  • Commentary: Media

  • Mac Margolis: Hugo Chávez’s House of Cards (3-7-13
  • Tariq Ali: Hugo Chávez and Me (3-6-13)
  • Francisco Toro: What Fidel Taught Hugo (3-5-13)
  • Past Controversies: South of the Border

  • Stone's, Weisbrot's, and Ali's Letter to the NYT (7-24-10)
  • Larry Rohter: Oliver Stone Still Doesn't Get It (7-26-10)
  • Oliver Stone, Mark Weisbrot, and Tariq Ali: Responding to the New York Times's Broadside at Our Documentary (8-1-10)
  • Oliver Stone: Misstatements and Factual Errors from Critics (8-1-10)
  • Mark Weisbrot: Rohter Strikes Out Yet Again on South of the Border(8-3-10)

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