HNN Hot Topics: The Iraq War Ten Years Later

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U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Brian L. Wickliffe.


  • 10 years later, an anniversary many Iraqis would prefer to ignore (3-19-13)
  • Polls

  • POLL: Has the Media Been Open Enough About Its Role in the Iraq War?
  • Poll: Iraq War not worth it (3-17-13)
  • Iraq: The spies who fooled the world (3-17-13)
  • Commentary

  • Greg Mitchell: When Chris Hedges, 10 Years Ago, Warned About Coverage of the Iraq Invasion (3-21-13)
  • Michael H. Hunt: The Iraq War: Learning Lessons, Ignoring History (3-20-13)
  • David Ignatius: The Painful Lessons of Iraq (3-20-13)
  • James Jay Carafano: History and the Blame Game Ten Years After Iraq (3-19-13)
  • Rajiv Srinivasan: Iraq War Legacy -- Are Today’s Vets Better Off? (3-19-13)
  • John R. Nagl: What America Learned in Iraq (3-19-13)
  • James Joyner: Washington's Losing Streak (3-19-13)
  • Jonathan Zimmerman: What’s Not Being Taught About the Iraq War (3-19-13)
  • Martha K. Huggins: Ten Years of "Police Advisors" in Iraq (3-19-13)
  • Fouad Ajami: Ten Years Ago, an Honorable War Began With Wide Support (3-18-13)
  • Mark Kukis: What the U.S. Invasion Looked Like to Iraqis
  • Paul Krugman: Marches of Folly (3-18-13)
  • Eric Boehlert: Could Twitter Have Prevented the Iraq War? (3-18-13)
  • Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite: The Iraq War -- How Our Nation Lost Its Soul (3-14-13)

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