Some In Maine Fret New State Ballad Is Too Hard On The Confederacy

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The bill to enshrine the ballad was sponsored by Rep. Scott Cuddy (D-Winterport) and passed without objection in both chambers. It did see some initial opposition in the legislature’s State and Local Government Committee, however, where two Republicans raised objections that the song’s unabashedly pro-Union message may be unfair to the South.

“I find it a little bit, we are united states, we are not Union, we are united states. And I find it just a little bit – I won’t say offensive but that’s what I mean – to say that we’re any better than the South was,” said Rep. Frances Head (R-Bethel) during a May 1st public hearing on the bill.

“I am a lover of history and especially a lover of the civil war period and regardless of what side people fought on, they were fighting for something they truly believed in,” said Rep. Roger Reed (R-Carmel), who specifically praised Confederate General Robert E. Lee. “Many of them were great Christian men on both sides. They fought hard and they were fighting for states’ rights as they saw them.”

Sean McCarthy, a vocalist and bass player for The Ghost of Paul Revere responded to these concerns at the hearing, noting that the song has gone over well even at shows they play in the former Confederacy.

“We’re all in this together. We’re all a part of the Union now and we’re just so very proud to be able to share our Maine history with the rest of the country,” said McCarthy.

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