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Why You May Never Learn the Truth About ICE

by Matthew Connelly

The National Archives is letting millions of documents, including many related to immigrants’ rights, be destroyed or deleted.


Rosa Parks on Police Brutality: The Speech We Never Heard

by Say Burgin

In 1965, Rosa Parks would have had a lot to say about police brutality.



The Risky Dream of the Fast Food Franchise

by Marcia Chatelain

Americans have long pinned economic hopes on fast-food chains. And where there are hopes, there are scams.



We’re Still Living in Stalin’s World

by Diana Preston

At the Yalta Conference 75 years ago, the Soviet leader got everything he wanted — and shaped global politics for decades.



A Union Broken With a Senate Surrender

by Jamie Stiehm

The real rub is that the president is changing us Americans, giving light to a dark crevice in our character. He embodies — and emboldens — baleful defiance. The great presidents, like cheerful, sunny Franklin D. Roosevelt, bring out the best in us.



The United States and Saudi Arabia aren’t allies. They never have been.

by Ellen R. Wald

One of our key ideas about the Middle East is wrong.



What J-Lo and Shakira missed in their Super Bowl halftime show

by Petra Rivera-Rideau

Their performance perpetuated the marginalization of Afro-Latinos and other people of African descent.



Black History Month has a little known Catholic history as well

by Shannen Dee Williams

In 1949, famed Harlem Renaissance writer Langston Hughes celebrated Negro History Week (the precursor to Black History Month) with members of the Oblate Sisters of Providence and their students at the all black and Catholic St. Alphonsus School.



The divisive case for giving Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom

by Brian Rosenwald

One of our most transformative figures has also been deeply polarizing.




The Art of the Deal, Pentagon-Style

by William J. Astore

The list of recent debacles should be as obvious as it is alarming: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen (and points around and in between).

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