National Library of Medicine Announces 2023 History Talks

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The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is pleased to announce the 2023 History Talks. All talks are free, available via live stream globally, and archived by NIH VideoCasting. We invite you to join this year’s History Talks:

NLM History Talks promote awareness and use of NLM and related historical collections for research, education, and public service in biomedicine, the social sciences, and the humanities. The series also supports the commitment of the NLM to recognize the diversity of its collections—which span ten centuries, encompass a range of digital and physical formats, and originate from nearly every part of the globe—and to foreground the voices of people of color, women, and individuals of a variety of cultural and disciplinary backgrounds who value these collections and use them to advance their research, teaching, and learning.

Explore Circulating Now, the blog of the NLM History of Medicine Division, to find interviews with the speakers in this series and stay informed about NLM History Talks by following #NLMHistTalk on Twitter.

Complete details of all NLM History Talks can be found on the NLM History of Medicine Division website.

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