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  • Ruth Rosen: Why Women's History Month (3-10-14)
  • Estelle B. Freedman: How Did Women’s History Month Come About? (3-25-09)
  • Jessica Pritchard: Women’s History Month (3-25-09)
  • Daniel Sauerwein: Women’s History Month: Comparing Presidential Proclamations (3-24-09)
  • Mary Chapin: Alice Paul a fitting figure to remember during Women’s History Month (3-12-09)
  • Obama Proclaims March Women's History Month (3-6-12)
  • Carl Sferrazza Anthony: Michelle Obama, First Ladies and African-American History (2-26-09)
  • HistoryLink: Woman Suffrage Crusade, 1848-1920

  • First Ladies

  • Thomas Fleming: Channelling George Washington: A Valentine for the Revolutionary Ladies (2-13-12)
  • Gil Troy: GOP Debate Trivializes First Ladies (1-28-12)
  • Mary C. Brennan: Pat Nixon: Caught Between the Housewives and the Feminists (3-1-11)
  • Thomas Fleming: What Studying the Women in the Founders' Lives Reveals (7-16-10)
  • Betty Boyd Caroli: A White House Tea and Michelle Obama (7-4-10)
  • Thomas Fleming: Channelling Martha Washington (7-4-10)
  • Catherine Allgor: Women's History and a Woman's Subtle Power [Dolley Madison] (3-22-10)
  • Ruth Graham: Was President Lincoln's Wife Bipolar or Just Ahead of Her Time? (2-16-10)
  • Kristie Miller and Robert McGinnis : Eleanor Roosevelt and Isabella Greenway: A Story of Two Political Women (2-7-10)
  • Nancy Shear: Happy Birthday ER! (10-11-09)
  • Katherine A. S. Sibley: The Legacy of Florence Harding, a Most Modern First Lady (8-31-09)
  • Lewis Gould: Lady Bird Johnson: First Lady Innovator (7-16-09)
  • Stacy A. Cordery: What About Michelle's First Hundred Days? (4-26-09)
  • Marilyn Holt: The Hidden-Hand Style of Mamie Eisenhower (2-10-08)
  • Sipra Rathi: Was Eleanor Roosevelt Molested as a Child? (2-19-06)
  • Lewis Gould: Hillary's History (9-9-03)
  • Gayle V. Fischer: Presidency: Is Laura Bush a Good First Lady at a Time Like This? (7-8-02)
  • Rick Shenkman: Presidency: Laura Bush, Post 9/11 (7-8-02)

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