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  • Ten Myths for the Fourth of July By Ray Raphael
  • Top 5 Myths About the Fourth of July By Rick Shenkman
  • Old Glory: Patriotic Symbol? By Rick Shenkman
  • Frederick Douglass: What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?
  • July 4, 1965:  Gay protests held in Philadelphia
  • News Stories

  • Marist Poll reveals ignorance of July 4th history (7-5-11)
  • Tea party gatherings on the Fourth mix the educational and the patriotic (7-5-10)
  • NJ Plan to Laud Declaration Signers Fizzles (7-4-07)
  • Audio/Video

  • Independence Daze: A History of July Fourth [podcast 53 min] (6-1-09)
  • Commentary

  • The Hidden Racist History of the National Anthem By Jason Johnson (7-4-16)
  • Did a Fear of Slave Revolts Drive American Independence? By Robert G. Parkinson (7-4-16)
  • Thomas B. Slaughter:  July 4th Quiz: Was the Revolution Caused by a Misunderstanding Over a Word?  (6-30-14)
  • Thomas Fleming: Channelling George Washington: The Missing Word in the Declaration of Independence (7-2-12)
  • Ira Chernus: Why All the Fireworks on the Fourth? (7-2-12)
  • Hsuan L. Hsu: Is Independence Day a Radical Holiday? (7-2-12)
  • Thomas Fleming: Channelling George Washington: The Revolution that Changed the World (7-3-11)
  • Jim Cullen: The Declaration of Independence and the American Dream (6-29-11)
  • Thomas Fleming: Channelling George Washington: The Glorious Fourth!(8-16-10)
  • Joel Richard Paul: How We Really Won Our Independence (7-5-10)
  • Walter Russell Mead: London Fourth (7-5-10)
  • Wade Graham: Jefferson: Founding Father and Connoisseur (7-4-10)
  • William Marina: Reflecting on July 4, and the Meaning of the American Revolution Today (7-4-09)
  • Carl M. Cannon: Frederick Douglass' July 4 Challenge Answered by Obama's Election (7-3-09)
  • Adam Freedman: Independence, British-Style (7-3-09)
  • Kathleen DuVal: Life, Liberty and Benign Monarchy? (7-3-09)
  • Ray Raphael: Some Tips for Celebrating the Fourth (7-2-09)
  • Anne Pastore: “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” (6-27-09)
  • Rick Shenkman: Why Is the Flag so Important? (7-13-08)
  • Black Founding Fathers: An Interview with Richard S. Newman (6-29-08)
  • Richard S. Newman: Review of James A. Colaiaco's Frederick Douglass and the Fourth of July (2007) (5-23-08)
  • Roderick T. Long: Is the Declaration's Preamble Irrelevant? (7-4-07)
  • Howard Zinn: Patriotism & The Fourth of July (7-5-06)
  • David Blight: Frederick Douglass's Great 4th of July Oration (7-4-05)
  • David Waldstreicher: The Invention of the Fourth of July (6-18-05)
  • William Loren Katz: Why Blacks Used to Celebrate July 5th (7-3-04)
  • Timothy Walch:  Why Can't We See the Declaration of Independence? (6-30-03)
  • Robert Jensen and Rahul Mahajan: What Are We Celebrating on the Fourth of July? (7-9-02)
  • William C. Kashatus: We Remember the Wrong Tom on July Fourth (7-5-02)

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