Student Shortcuts

Student Shortcuts

Doing Research on the Web

Need to surf the Web to do a term paper? Click on a link below and you'll be taken to hundreds of relevant websites.


U.S. History

  • Comprehensive Guide: A comprehensive and annotated guide to more than 700 websites, organized topically and chronologically. Be sure to take advantage of the Full Search link, which allows you to locate information instantly. (SOURCE: George Mason University's History Matters)

  • Primary Sources: 800 carefully edited primary sources covering all of U.S. history (SOURCE: George Mason University's History Matters)
  • HNN's Select List: A list of select websites, organized chronologically. This page includes a guide to articles on the American West published exclusively on HNN.

World History

  • Comprehensive List A searchable and indexed database of more than 5,000 U.S. and world history sites (SOURCE: George Mason University's Guide to History on the Web)

Science & Technology

  • A comprehensive guide to websites concerning technology, space exploration, earth sciences, life sciences, medicine, engineering, computers, industry, and the military (SOURCE: George Mason University's Echo Project)

Doing History

  • Making Sense of Historical Evidence: How to analyze oral history evidence, films and pictures, and make sense of maps (SOURCE: George Mason University's History Matters)
  • Citing Websites: How to cite and evaluate websites; understanding copyright and fair use laws as they apply to the use and creation of educational materials on the Web (SOURCE: George Mason University's History Matters)

  • Software for Taking Notes Scribe is a free cross-platform note-taking program designed especially with historians in mind. Think of it as the next step in the evolution of traditional 3x5 note cards. Scribe allows you to manage your research notes, quotes, thoughts, contacts, published and archival sources, digital images, outlines, timelines, and glossary entries (SOURCE: George Mason University's Scribe)

Applying to College and Graduate School

  • History Departments A list of 1200 history department web pages for students deciding where to study history in college or graduate school (SOURCE: George Mason University's Guide to History Departments Around the World)

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craig - 12/5/2003

I think you mean Plessy v. Ferguson. This was a Supreme Court case from 1896 which established the legality of segregation of the races under the concept of "seperate but equal." This ruling was later overturned in 1954 by Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas

Michael Christiaens - 5/5/2003

if you could give me any info on the suburb of butte, meterville, that would be great. I have searched the web for long periods of time and i haven't found any information. I need any info for my MT History paper.

Chris Cyr - 4/20/2003

I couldn't find anything about social securtiy in the 1930's

kayla - 4/10/2003

i need to know who Plessy Fergusen was?

Lawrence T. Lane - 4/8/2003

I'm looking for audio - spoken word - downloads similar to http://www.talkinghistory.org

Joan Pugh - 2/13/2003

Thank you for an interesting and user friendly site. Could you tell me if it is possible for me to obtain a copy of the map used by The Center for History and New Media 'an island surrounded completely by land' Butte Montana 1883?
(J T Stoner, Madison, Wisconsin 89-691907)for the American Social History Project. I should be most grateful for any info. you can give me. Thank you. Joan Pugh

tony - 2/7/2003

i couldnt find anything about this subject can you please help me out. thanxs

Eric Weber - 11/27/2002

This is for a project we have to do in school... basically, I need to know what the final opinion on slavery was after the ORIGINAL Constitutional Convention in 1787. It clearly wasn't abolished, but were there any Amendments written that that time regarding it?