intellectual property

  • With COVID, None of Us are Safe Until All of Us are Safe

    by Robert Brent Toplin

    Deference to the patent claims of pharmaceutical companies are slowing the urgently needed distribution of COVID vaccines to poorer nations. Residents of rich nations will pay a price as new, potentially dangerous variants like Omicron spread. 

  • Will the Supreme Court Uphold the NCAA's Version of Amateurism?

    by Ronald A. Smith

    A pending Supreme Court case will test whether the NCAA can bar student athletes from making money from products that make use of their images, a form of property right of "Name, Image, or Likeness." A historian who wrote an amicus brief says the NCAA's claim to protect the amateurism of the athletes is selective and hypocritical.

  • The Internet Archive Chooses Readers

    by Karin Wulf

    To elevate the needs of the reader above all others is to dismiss the labor of archivists, authors, compositors, designers, editors, librarians, marketers, metadata creators, and all the other myriad people involved in bringing knowledge into being and into the marketplace.

  • "Being a Professor Will No Longer Be a Viable Career."

    by David Austin Walsh

    With MOOCs the academic freedom of professors is under siege because professors are losing control of their intellectual property, says Cary Nelson, former president of the American Association of University Professors.