25th Amendment

  • A New "Trump Precedent" Under the 25th Amendment?

    by Devan Charles Lindey

    If the vice president and cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Donald Trump from the powers of the presidency, it would set a new precedent in the largely uncharted territory of dealing with Presidential incapacity. 

  • There’s an Alternative to Impeachment Or 25th Amendment for Trump, Historians Say

    by Michael S. Rosenwald

    Eric Foner discusses Section III of the 14th Amendment, which barred those guilty of engaging in or aiding insurrection against the United States from holding elected or civil office in the United States. The section has no provision for removal from office but would prevent Trump's reelection if he were found guilty of insurrection.

  • The 25th Amendment Should Not Be Invoked Lightly

    by Brian Kalt

    The speed with which presidential power transfers to the Vice President under the 25th Amendment is balanced by the relative ease with which the president can reclaim those powers. Is it an appropriate tool for removing Donald Trump from power (if not from office)?